New supplement thread

New supplement thread


Trying to be impartial here guys, as an outsider. But Bush really f*cked you up guys. The reelection of him was totally uncalled for. Not saying that John Kerry would have been good but Bush basically allowed the sub prime crisis to exist.


I guess we kinda slipped of a bit of the topic hahaha


A bit yes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly I put more of the blame on obama for bailing the banks out. If a system breaks let it burn and replace it. That way the lesson sticks.
Plus I think america would have gotten out of it alright.


I’ll go back even further, but for an entirely different issue. I’ll start our obsession with playing world police and love of war with the Truman Doctrine in 1947, in which it became “the policy of the United States to support free peoples who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressures,” which pretty much defines what we’ve been doing ever since to a T, most recently with Bush and Obama.


Hyped about this one.


Alright guys take the politics to the cooler


Ted Cruz though :nauseated_face:


Yes dad…


I wonder if they are going to make a cola flavored version?? :thinking:


Smart supplements dudes! Its not a new supplement but has anyone tried BLO from Myoblox? I was thinking of buying but I never used GLPC, which seems to be the hardest hitter there. Thoughts? Anyone take it?


I personally like it! It’s definitely a different formula but it does work


This is Granite’s Pre-Mium? Someone has gotta be shitting me right? Arc Reactor to this piece of shit, and 20 servings for about $50. The hell


I was thinking the same thing, seemed like a downgrade


Why not just use 500mg more betaine?


John decided to drop his pump ingredients including VaspDrive-AP, Nitrosigine, and Hydromax Glycerol in favor of sustained energy in Lion’s Mane.

Personally I don’t like the change. If that was the case why not keep the OG Profile and add Lion’s Mane, Huperzine A, or other nootropics to make it a more well-rounded profile

My 2 cents.


This can’t be right…


Here you go


Agreed like, who drops from the clinical dose? Especially just a half a gram, sheesh.

Agreed, could have made this a nice nootropic-favored pre instead of ONLY that lions mane.

Don’t I wish


I’d say Vaso-Drive AP was one of the things that made this product unique, along with the cool comic-book themed names and whatnot. The new look is clean and whatnot, but the overall product is just mundane now


Yup. I wouldn’t touch this, personally. Not with so many other great options available.