New supplement thread

I would hardly call a nootropic a disappointment for having 250mg caffeine. I get that it may be offputting for some, but it’s hardly an obscene dose, or an illogical dose IMO.

I actually made a post about various doses of caffeine and cognition not too long ago:

In short:

-For subjects (undergrad students) who regularly consumed very little caffeine, 200mg was superior to 400mg for improving vigilance and executive control of visual attention, but for subjects who regularly consumed higher amounts of caffeine, caffeine only enhanced vigilance and executive control of visual attention at 400mg, not at 200mg. So I’d hardly say that 250mg is an illogical or bad dose of caffeine for cognitive benefits. Maybe not for everyone, but hardly something I can say is an inherent no-go or bad decision.

Edit: I’d also think that, perhaps, people buying a dedicated “gaming” supplement may not be taking a PWO either, so we here on the PricePlow forum, which is a lot of lifters, may think of ADDING that 250mg on top of our PWOs and whatnot, when most gamers probably wouldn’t be using any PWOs, and this ~250mg may replace coffee, energy drinks, soda, etc, and perhaps be a bit higher in terms of caffeine content than those, but may actually be a cleaner energy due to the addition of things like theanine. Just my $0.02.