New supplement thread

New supplement thread

You win…

Well I felt like I was winning for a little bit…then nature took its course

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I personally don’t hate Insane labz I find them hilarious.

You know whats interesting is that, the exact dose of kanna with the same standardization in two scoops can be found priced as 15$ for 1 gram.

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USP Labs Powerfull ingredient profile revealed

Drops on the 9th

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Nonstandardized extracts of niche ingredients in an undisclosed blend.

Personally, I’m sold.


the blend is University studied. Maybe we should care about that a little bit more.

It’s only 2 ingredients and its a 50/50 blend, so there you know now.

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Tfw you talk shit about a major company on a comparatively small website and the company finds you


Thanks for jumping in here. Question is, if you’re willing to publicly disclose 50/50, why not just put it on the label?

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The product has history as a proprietary blend. Never really gave it any thought and the blend is university studied. We’ll do it on the next label; if in return you agree that most non prop blends are under dosed and its only semantics, a talking point than a real marker of effectiveness.

Can you present a single legitimate non asspull reason to have a prop blend, tho


I did and you did not listen. PowerFULL is University studied.

I listened and understand. Why not tell the customer what they’re ingesting?

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I agree. If it’s 50/50, but the label is a prop blend, it causes skepticism in my brain. If the label changes though, then I’ll be okay with it. : )

Got you Matt, Non prop blend over University study. Can we be perfectly honest, you now know its 50/50. What do you do next?

Let me ask you this, How does a company protect their investment in science from copy cats (cause we know its a copy cat driven industry)?

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Working for PricePlow, I consider the consumer first and foremost. An under-educated consumer may walk into a store and see this product, and not understand the label.

There are companies who still use prop blends (Myoblox, Nutrex, etc…) and still sell product - but I think the average consumer will likely believe a company is “hiding” behind a prop blend rather than protecting its formula.

I do I understand the desire to protect your blend, being said.


I’m sure @Mark_Glazier could answer that question.


A major company looking to steal your formula can afford the tests and analyses to figure out exactly what’s in it. The average Joe, the one putting these things in their body, can’t.

This “studied combination VS open label” is an insanely weak false dichotomy. You can have studies on synergistic formulas while still letting your consumer know what’s in those formulas. It’s a deflection from the issue, nothing more.

Also, we still don’t KNOW it’s a 50/50 mix. I don’t necessarily disbelieve you, but I could make a new account right now called USPlabs2 and post that it’s 95/5, with just as much proof behind my statement as yours.


I could not quantify such a statement. Thankfully there’s enough open formula products out there that I’d rather not spend a month making a list of all of them

Unlike most people, my main ‘concern’ with prop blends is that it can shift from batch to batch or even flavor to flavor. Don’t be baitin’ an switchin’ if raw materials on the first ingredient become costly!!


Are you able to cite and link out to it? If not I can bump up your user level if links aren’t working