New Supplement Thread -- Part 2

110% agreed

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Ordered Ghost Gamer Sonic Ocean Water
I love all their other flavors but they really missed the mark on this flavor. Taste good but taste nothing like Sonic Ocean Water

Warheads and Peach are still my favorite flavors of Ghost Gamer

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Interesting feedback. You are the first I have seen on any social media platform to say that (IG/Youtube/Forums). I will pass that along to the team.
Considering it a coconut syurp (blue) and sprite mixture. What do you feel was incorrect and not proper?

I think it’s the ratio honestly

Like I said it’s a good flavor but doesn’t taste like Ocean Water

So what do you feel is off? In your eyes what should be included or adjusted to reflect the ocean water drink?

Just looking for honest feedback to send to HQ

I think it needs more of the blue coconut flavoring and it needs to adjust the lemon lime/grapefruit balance for the “Sprite” flavoring


Exactly what I am looking for
Let me shoot that over to the team! Thanks for your honest feedback


Ghost Update:

Ghost Team distributing Ghost Energy into Quik Trip Stores
13:30 - Slight changes to upgrade formulas and artwork
– Ice Tea Aminos & Ice Tea Greens (Coming back soon)
14 Min - SPK Blue Raz Gamer – new flavor coming in the future.
14:45 - Swedish Fish Hydration beta-test


iced tea lemonade aminos were my fave glad they’re coming back!!


Sorry for the delay on this on but wanted the best response possible:

In an effort to open up additional manufacturing capacity and gain access to additional points of retail sale, it was necessary to migrate the product formula and packaging from a dietary supplement to a conventional food / beverage. The number of contract manufacturers capable of manufacturing carbonated liquid dietary supplements is very limited as compared to carbonated beverage manufacturing facilities. The growing demand for our C4® energy drinks necessitated the transition to a beverage to ensure our supply chain was in position to meet rapidly expanding consumer demand. As a result of this migration, we updated the product labeling across our C4® carbonated energy drink line to be compliant with requisite food labeling guidelines published by the FDA, which includes a Nutritional Facts Panel format that is different from that of dietary supplements. Nevertheless, we will continue to press forward and continue to showcase our continued commitment to transparency for dietary supplements such as C4 Ultimate Project Clear Evolution and C4 Dynasty Still, which we have just recently launched.


Thank you

Onwards and upwards for C4


So the first is a hybrid of the Vegan/Crisp variants… but also with Cashew Butter?

I’m good with that, I guess, haha :man_shrugging:

The funny thing is I thought that was a bag of protein at first…

All 15 grams of it.


BEAM Recovery/EAA Supplement:

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Ghost Update:

2:00 Minute - Soni Collab with Aminos (Stimulated EAA + Hydration Formula)

  • 150-200mg Caffeine

  • Natural Flavoring

  • Stevia / Monk Fruit

  • Pina Colada or Pineapple,

4:45 Minute - Ghost Hockey Restock

Thursday, April 15th


5:15 Minute - Earth Day Apparel

Thursday, April 22nd


9 Minute - Ghost Burn v2 Label

  • Spicy Pineapple

  • Upgraded Grains of Paradise (Natural Thermogenic)

  • The spicy note has been reduced significantly.

  • Ghost Burn Passionfruit (New Flavor)

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