New Supplement Thread -- Part 2

Ghost Update:

1:00 - Difference between Legend v2 and Legend All Out
What does All-Out have over Legend v2?
6g Citrulline compared to 4g (Inclusion of Citrulline Nitrate)
2.5g Betaine (Power/Performance)
Doubled L-Tyrosine (2g vs 1g)
Doubled Alpha GPC to 600mg (Nootropic for Cognitive enhancement)
150mg more caffeine (ZumXR added delayed-release caffeine)
60mg Bitter Orange Extract (Enhance stimulant)
1 Scoop Serving Size

6:00 - Ghost Pancake mix beta-testing
Blueberry, Banana, Buttermilk

7:15 - Mailtime
Misc - AOTM – 10/26/2022 at 12 PM CST, 1 PM EST

8:45 - WWWY Orange Cream Can (Exclusive)

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Ugh just received an email that Build Fast Formula is closing its doors…

Ghost Update:

Ghost @ WWWY Festival - 45 Seconds

Mailtime - 3 Minutes
Apple Cider Doughnut Whey
Pumpkin Pie Whey
** Seasonal Flavors for the Fall

Ghost Photoshoot- 7:30
** Clothing for Black Friday

Another Photoshoot - 9:30
** Products & other items for Black Friday

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Wonder if this can be stacked with it.


Can’t hurt to try

Save them quarters

Not sure if anyone has tried the new Quest Cheese Crackers but they are tasty AF.

Also enjoying the new Legendary Rolls but only have found the chocolate so far.

Ghost Update:

1 Min - Supply Side West with Josh Schall

  • Expo about sports nutrition & dietary supplement overview
  • Vendor qualification & audit training
  • Dietary substance label compliance

13 Min - FIFA in Ghost HQ

17:30 - Black Friday Apparel
Basics Line
3 Crewnecks, 4 T-Shirts, 3 Hoodies, 3 hats, 3 Beanies

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Ghost Update:

35 Seconds - Ghost Energy – Exclusive Flavor for Canada
1:20 Min - 6 Versions of Ghost Energy in a new flavor “Peach Passionfruit”
2:00 Min - Another Ghost Energy Beta Test - Cucumber Lime (Guess?)
3:00 - Ghost in Pittsburgh, PA -

  • Ghost Energy Cherry Limeade (on the TV’s in the background)
    5:30 - MAILTIME
  • Basics Apparel for BF
  • Mini-Shaker for Cyber Monday
  • Triple Black T-Shirt for Cyber Monday
  • 2 New Mousepads for Cyber Monday
  • Hot Cocoa & Peppermint Protein for Black Friday
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Hanging out with ChefBob?

Nah - they eating tacos at Tako!

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hey, i have an issue with my campus protein order, do you still deal with it?

@TheSolution I think she’s asking you?