New C4 Smart 12oz cans

I am a huge fan of the Smart Energy drinks from Cellucor. So I was pretty excited when I came across some new flavors I hadn’t see before. Recently Cellucor dropped 8 new 12oz Smart flavors. These are the 5 I have tried so far.

Tropical Passionfruit
Blood Orange Yuzu
Cherry Berry Lime
Strawberry Guava
Peach Mango

All of these were enjoyable but the two I have gone back to multiple times now is Cherry Berry Lime and Blood Orange Yuzu. But like I said they are all enjoyable in their own ways.

It looks like Cellucor is going away from the 16oz Smart cans and only selling the Smart in 12oz as that is the only size available on the website. But you still get all the same great benefits.

Has anyone else had these new flavors yet? What are your thoughts on them?

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Thanks for the review, I’ve been enjoying the 12oz can much more than I thought I would sipping them mid day at work.

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12oz Cans are hot in the market right now!



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