NeuroRoast Coffee Review

NeuroRoast Coffee Review



NeuroRoast – If you do not know I am a huge coffee connoisseur. NeuroRoast is meant to replicate coffee, but with an added nootropic effect. Even with the mushroom blend added into the coffee it made no impact or bitterness added to either the regular or instant coffee. At first you get a medium roast coffee taste, and in the aftertaste is when the Italian dark flavor kicks in. The dual blend of the coffee and espresso leaves a dense taste that is extremely pleasing. There is a slight hint of cinnamon that will trickle down your throat in the aftertaste. Even when I drank this black I had no problems going through 6-8oz with ease and really enjoying my coffee.

With Almond Milk:
I will add a dash of almond milk 99% of the time, but I wanted to try the coffee straight up for an honest review. The added almond milk gave the coffee a creamy taste to enhance the roast and Italian dark flavoring. For minimal additional calories I would highly suggest it.

Creamer or Powdered Creamer:
I am also an avid fan of including MAN Iso-Amino Coffee Creamer in Pumpkin or Vanilla for added flavor. When that was thrown in the mix with almond milk this was like drinking a dessert. Fantastic.

For those who want to know what a proper portion of coffee and water is:
1 TBSP would make a 6 oz cup of coffee for a total of 64 servings. If you like your coffee really strong and usually drink 8-10 oz, so it may get closer to 35-45 servings.


NeuroRoast Instant you throw into 6-8oz of warm water and mix. When using a spoon it will dissolve in a heartbeat after 10-15 seconds of stirring like almost all instant coffee products you find at the grocery store. I found no grounds stuck to my spoon or side of the coffee mug.

NeuroRoast™ is a proprietary blend of 100% organic Nammax mushrooms grown in Canada. This coffee is a100% organic Italian dark roast, and an aromatic spice blend. The mushrooms used are:
• Cordyceps Sinesis
• Turkey Tail
• Lion’s Mane
• Reishi
• Shiitake
• Chaga

Some of these mushrooms are used to drive intense focus and mental clarity, others are used to decrease stress, boost the immune system, and smooth out the fall-out from caffeine. They also decrease the acidity of the coffee by about 3%.

Each 6 oz serving has 1000mg of the mushroom blend. Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Shiitake, Chaga, Reishi, and Turkey Tail mushroom extracts. Each serving of NeuroRoast contains roughly 1000mg of this blend. Most products on the market contain 500mg per serving of only 2-3 extracts. The average retail price for 2 oz. of these mushroom fruiting body extracts is about $30+.

NeuroRoast™ retails at $29.99 for 16 oz. (35-64 Servings)
NeuroRoast Instant retails at $39.99 for 16 oz (35-64 Servings)

These will be the prices upon launch. For other companies who sell coffee online this is a competitive price especially given the added nootropic properties from the mushroom blend.

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I like Caffeine and Kilos PR coffee with Ambrosia Ritual…really good…

I’m curious as to your thoughts on other coffee’s that are out there?

Depends on what you mean by other coffee’s
I order all over the US and visit mom and pop coffee shops when I travel

Fox in the Snow & Stauff’s are my favorite in columbus
I Just got Caveman Coffee from New Mexico which tells you the elevation they are made at.
I have had the Chaos and Pain Coffee
I have had fresh Kona beans from Hawaii and Black Cat Espresso Beans from Chicago roasted and french pressed for me.

Really comes down to how much you value good coffee and how much you want to spend.

Makes perfect sense…was just curious.

As much as I love coffee, I don’t think I would ever pay $30 a pound for it, even if it had some saucy nootropic mushroom blend in it.

That is full retail, there will be coupons and discounts.

From the owner

“As far as the price goes, we definitely agree that $30/lb for coffee is high but to put it in perspective, 2 oz of one type of mushroom extract generally costs around $30. We use over 2 oz of 6 different extracts + very high-quality coffee, so you really are getting your money’s worth. We also offer promos and tons of ways to save including our rewards program, NeuroCash, where you can earn cash rewards for stuff like referring friends, following us on social media, etc.

Also, mushroom coffees on the market generally retail for about the same price but can contain up to 60% starch and little to no beta-glucans. You really are paying for what you get with NeuroRoast. ”

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Just took advantage of a $10 off coupon and ordered it - also ordered ManSports IsoAmino Coffee Creamer (French Vanilla).


By the way the IsoAmino Coffee Creamer - French Vanilla? Is really good.

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Best flavor IMO, pumpkin is king when limited (Fall)
I have 6 on hand at all times. absolutely love that stuff.


Honestly at first when they rolled it out I was a tad skeptical…but after your review and having tried ManSports products I thought I would give it a shot. I am glad I did…

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Yes sir. Always trying to be honest about anything I use and promote