Need suggestions - pre/fatburner

Need suggestions - pre/fatburner

Hi guys,

I’m looking for a pre / fatburner that most resembles the stimulant profile of Olympus Labs Bloodshr3d WAR edition. They recently reformulated and made it better, however they added in ashwagandha. Ash really messes me up, so I can’t take it. Could you guys please list other potent ERIA + JUGLANS products that do not have yohimbine?



Gotta be honest, that’s a tough one, lemme do some looking


I’d say your best bet is probably just the pre version, I Am Suprem3. Or is the Stim-X bad like the Yohimbine is?


I don’t want to risk taking STIM-X as I’ve read a lot about it being similar to Y

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If you respond negatively to Alpha-Yo, then my suggestion is don’t use it. I love it, but it is very similar in feel to AY


Yeah I’d rather not touch it then. Hopefully others can chime in with some suggestions of products, or if you come across something


I’m not a great responder to alpha y. Makes me super sweaty and shaky.


Outbreak is one of the few people still using J. Regia from what I can tell, but their products are lacking in the PEA’s


Yeah I am also in the poor res ponder alpha Y group! I get the chills, I feel like I am in withdrawals!!