Need opinion on MHP Anadrox

Need you guys feedback and experience with MHP Anadrox. It runs for less than $30 a tub on Amazon. I wanna know if it is worth the money…

Proprietary blends tell me no, it isn’t.

You’ll get some energy out of it from the caffeine and synephrine, and that’s probably about it.

I don’t think it’s worth it

Maybe if the blend was opened up, the problem is its such a large blend its difficult to tell if anything is well dosed.
What are you looking for? Weight loss? a good preworkout?

Looking for a good pre with a fat loss

There is no preworkout that will cause fat loss. This is marketing. Nothing more.

I would likely suggest focusing on one or the other, for a good preworkout go with scivation quake while it’s still at 15$. Failing that endorush is rather good and usually around 20$.

I would debate this, preworkouts with yohimbine for example, but I would agree fat loss is mainly diet.

There’s RAW’s ThermoPre, which PP has written about, and is perpetually on sale for $10 at this link:

Well, there are some fat burners with DMAA, but I think they would be too strong for me…

How experienced of a supplement user are you? What products have you tried and what did you think of them?

Maybe give priceplow’s top ten fat burner list a look, if you go with the powders you can half scoop it if you are really stim sensitive.

Im using a DMHA pre (Guant Sport Rush)

Quake is better and half that price and Neurocore is better and only a third of that price.

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Agreed, quake has a great formula, I would pick it up now before I assume the promotion ends.