Need Info !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Need Info !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Please share your thoughts on Costco rotisserie chicken(Skin Off) for daily main source of protein . Thanks in Advance !


Love the stuff! Use a food scale and app like MyFitnessPal to make sure you know what you’re getting.

I’m pro-skin myself. That’s the best part of rotisserie!


Second. And when you bake your own chicken legs/thighs? At 425 for 50 minutes? With generously salted skin? And it gets so fucking crispy?
Nothing better.


It’s great and the value + convenience is there.


Here’s a weird one to try if you get bored of your spices – Fry the thighs up in a pan with coconut oil and cinnamon. It’s an awesome change-up


It’s going to depend, as far as protein goes I wouldn’t worry about the quality of it except post workout. Taste wise its pretty good, a bit annoying to pick at. Health wise the cholesterol content/fat and the lack of other nutrients aren’t great, you can make up for some of that with other foods(fruits and vegtables), but it kind of comes down to if you actuly are.

I would suggest other foods myself. You can make some fairly high protein stuff via crock pot if convenience is the main factor, Try lentils, if the rest of the soup is good they likely fit in.


Thanks Guys for the info ! I was actually worried about the marinade stuff that is present in the label ! Sodium content and all.


Best to be a little more specific with your questions. Anyway, as far as sodium, I wouldn’t worry about it. In fact, tons of people over-restrict sodium. Sodium has lots of benefits to the body and is needed in fairly significant amounts (that is, more than most minerals). I’ll have to double check the numbers, but I believe there’s evidence showing that a sodium intake below ~60 mg/kg body weight increases calcium and magnesium loss. Then there’s the fact that if you train the the point of sweating, you’ll need even more sodium. Anyway, I wouldn’t be too concerned with sodium, most people would do well to add more to their diets.


Ya with sodium unless you have salt sensitive hyper tension(where the body can’t eliminate sodium easily) then you don’t need to restrict it, just get enough potassium, don’t over do it of course but the body has ways of regulating intake(you crave salty food less if you have enough)


I think he was asking for general feedback.


Whatever you enjoy and fits your diet. : )

I’ll buy the 99% fat free chicken breasts, weigh them raw, and cook up each days worth before I leave in the morning. Rotisserie definitely tastes better though. At least with raw chicken breast, you can have unlimited seasoning options.


Depending on the size of your pantry!


Touché! My party can only hold so many spices. :slight_smile:


Good post. I love how this forum is more “reasonable” about sodium. It’s only a small percentage of the demographic that truly has issues with it.

@abir2908 when you get your diet settled and if you’re interested in the whole sodium situation, an interesting book to read is The Salt Fix


I read SuppVersity too much, so I’m pretty reasonable in a lot of topics! :joy: