Myprotein Impact Whey Protein - 11 Lbs. (Chocolate Smooth, Unflavored) for $56.99 - $60.29 at MyProtein! [EXPIRED]

Myprotein Impact Whey Protein - 11 Lbs. (Chocolate Smooth, Unflavored) for $56.99 - $60.29 at MyProtein! [EXPIRED]


Myprotein Impact Whey Protein - 11 Lbs. for $56.99 - $62.99 at MyProtein!

Comment from PricePlow

This deal is back on the 11lb bags (providing a total of 4000 grams of protein!)

This is a pure whey concentrate product, reviews very well but only if you can handle lactose!

Deal Criteria for Myprotein Impact Whey Protein:

  • Price Per Unit to get on Deals Page: $6.25 per Lb.
  • Price Per Unit to generate email blast: $5.75 per Lb.

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Only 11 pounds?


I know right?! Don’t they know I want my protein to weigh enough that I have to deadlift the container to get it up?



I mean I like my protein powder as much as the next guy but 11 pounds of it? With as much as I switch between flavors.


Now that I think about it - why not just back up a truck of protein and dump it ‘right over there’


MP is nearly the only protein I buy, love these deals they routinely have. Keep hoping for an orange cream and lemon flavor though. I see they recently added a white cotton candy flavor though, next on my list to pick up :unicorn::facepunch:


A white cotton candy protein?


It’s White Candy Cane lol


This makes more sense.


I swear I saw that on the site a few weeks ago and nearly grabbed it… surely I didn’t confuse it with the white candy cane? :persevere: which I’ve had by the way, too pungent of a mint for me. Blah


I currently have the Chocolate Mint and Rocky Road. I’m enjoying both but Chocolate Mint gets the edge.


How is Myprotein in comparison to say MTS or core nutrition?


Can’t speak for Core as I haven’t had their protein. In comparison to MTS, you’ll likely find better deals with Myprotein yet MTS is better tasting in my opinion, so it really depends on what’s more important to you. Also, Myprotein’s Impact Whey is all concentrate (they sell Impact Isolate though too) and MTS Whey is mostly concentrate with some isolate.


To piggyback on this - I would agree MTS has some better flavors (PB Cookies and Cream for example)…Although Salted Caramel MyProtein is really good.

MyProtein has is much much less expensive and offers 2 lb sizes so that if you don’t want to drink the same protein shake each day you can switch it up. The majority of MTS Whey seems to come in 5 lb tubs.


To follow up on this and in fairness I just checked out TF’s site and they do indeed sell a lot more 2 LB tubs than they used to. So kudos to them.


I believe it’s because Marc was able to work out better logistics so it wouldn’t cost him and arm and a leg to send out 2lbs


That makes sense…Which is good for Marc…and us, the consumer.


The myprotein deals are just unbeatable sometimes lol


Aren’t they their own manufacturer as well? From what I understand, thy are absolutely HUGE…

waits for a Bill joke


MP def beats out anyone on price, MTS I’d say tastes better but MP really has improved their flavor game over the last couple years. Salted caramel, banana, CnC, snickerdoodle are among my favs. Was unimpressed with boston cream pie, choc caramel pretzel, white mint candy cane and the vanilla is just ok. Gonna try the Canadian maple next order.