MyProtein Deal

MyProtein Deal

Great deal from them, and wanted to try some whey. Thoughts on top 3 flavors? Never tried any of their protein

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It’s been at least a year or two since then so i’m not sure if they have changed their flavoring system but a while back I tried salted caramel, C&C, and french toast. The salted caramel was actually pretty good, the other two not so much

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Thanks for the feedback!


Salted caramel is universally considered their best.

Chocolate Smooth is a safe bet.

Mint chocolate is true to the name if you like that flavor combo.

Natural banana tastes like liquid Banana Runts.

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Cinnamon roll, snickerdoodle and French toast are all decent. The flavors are nothing to be super impressed with but they provide great value for sure. I have 2 5 pound bags sitting at the house. Don’t use it every day but it’s cheap enough to keep around.

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Not an exciting flavor, but I keep a bag of Vanilla on hand for cooking and for my wife. She uses it daily for her smoothies, it always is on a deal so a nice staple protein to keep around!

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Off the top of my head, key lime pie, salted caramel and cookies n cream and tops for me. Recently cracked open the newer flavor Peanut popcorn, just alright for me, but of course when it comes to flavors ymmv.


Hopped on this. 2 bags of salted caramel, 1 bag of key lime pie because I’ve been dying to try a KLP powder. I’ve had the salted caramel before and liked it a lot. Thanks for pointing this deal out, Anthony!

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No prob! I ended up getting salted caramel, chocolate caramel pretzel, mocha, rocky road, French toast, and chocolate brownie


Sick! Definitely let us know what you think. I played it safe and went with 1 flavor I know I like and 1 flavor I’m assuming I’ll like. Definitely curious on basically all of those that you ordered. If I remember right, I had and mostly liked the mocha flavor. Chocolate caramel pretzel I’m hoping doesn’t let down in particular!

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I’m not a fan, my girlfriend likes it.

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