Myokem Pyroxamine - 60 Capsules for $13.34 at! [EXPIRED]

Myokem Pyroxamine - 60 Capsules for $13.34 at!

Comment from PricePlow

YES! Pyroxamine is our favorite pill-based fat burner without DMAA. It brings a great amount of heat and an even greater amount without focus.

If you want a serious fat burner that doesn’t overwhelm you with caffeine, Pyroxamine is a must-try for any dieter!

Deal Criteria for Myokem Pyroxamine:

  • Price Per Unit to get on Deals Page: $0.33 per Capsule
  • Price Per Unit to generate email blast: $0.33 per Capsule

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Holy shit!

Yea! Where the hell’d they find this? Buried in the back of the warehouse or something! haha the capsules are gonna be rock hard but hey I updated the alert before it goes out to let everyone know

Picked up 2 of them, hopefully they come.

Ironic, as I just met with Brandon a little over a week ago.

Oh damn!!!

This deal has been reactivated:

Myokem Pyroxamine - 60 Capsules for $13.34 at!

and it’s gone!

Just arrived! Thanks for the post!

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No problem.

Honestly, this was 100% pure automated. I did NOTHING except change that description.

And that makes me so damn happy. Exactly what I wanted with this system while we go and have fun doing other stuff :wink: