Myoblox Skywalk Nootropic Formula

I’ve recently come across this line within the past couple of months and they seem pretty interesting. They remind me a lot of Mansports to a certain degree. Take a look at this formula and tell me what your opinions are. I personally am liking it, and its biding time til my Konnect arrives. It contains a prob blend for half of the formula which I am not a fan of, but it does the job pretty effectively. Excuse my picture as well, as i’m used to doing this from my IPhone, not my laptop

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That’s one hell of a formula, ignoring that there’s basically no way for that to be a proper dosing of DMHA. Plenty of room in the prop blend for quality dosing of the rest, though it would of course be nice to know for sure that they did.

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I would like to believe there’s at least 100mg-120mg of DMHA in here. Regardless, those doses of Tyrosine alongside the GPC make you feel pretty good. My only other complaint is that I don’t know if the 200mg caffeine is from 1-2 scoops…that would be wonderful to know. I sent them a message but no response yet

That’s actually a really good question…If it’s for one scoop, it’s impossible for it to have more than ~90mg of DMHA (and that’s if it only has like 1mg each of Noopept, BLOX, Follistatin, and Huperzine), but if it’s for 2 scoops, that prop blend gets a lot more interesting.

I’m going to assume everything in that second half is per 1 scoop. So I’m going to say it’s one helluva strong focus factor. I took 1 1/2 scoops but had it mixed in a half gallon jug just to drink through the first half of my day. Felt pretty solid, but tomorrow I’m going to use 2 scoops as a preworkout and see what’s up


That is all.

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One thing I’d like clarified, in addition to the caffeine per scoop issue, is the total GPC yield. I see it listed like that all the time, and I understand a majority of the GPC found on the market is 50%, but does that mean you’re getting the listed amount from a 50% extract, or that’s the total amount of ingredient, and the actual GPC is half the amount shown.

Does that actually make sense? I can’t figure out how to explain myself.

I get what you’re asking.Before now I never actually bothered to ask

Too bad it’s in a blend so other than caffeine, you have no idea the amounts listed.

Precisely why I stated that in the OP. I will say it has a good feel to it. Good mood enhancement and focus

I’ll try to get an answer on this. My Alpha GPC is cut with 50% silicon dioxide:

I’m thinking that this is because it’s a big sticky mess or something like that. I’ll find out.

Anyway, you do have silicon dioxide in the other part of the label – so the HOPE here is that the 400mg Alpha-GPC is a legit 400mg of Alpha-GPC… which would take 800mg of the powder I’m using.

That’s the hope. Who knows. You’d probably have to ask the company. And there’s a chance they don’t even really know, lol

Yep, pure uncut alpha-GPC is absurdly hygroscopic and will clump like nobody’s business


A-GPC is hygroscopic. It becomes a stiky clumped mess like glycerol

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Its half the total gpc, so 200 mg 50% gpc is 100 mg gpc, as other commentators have said this is due to its hydrophobic nature, so its cut with something else to prevent clumping, this is done with most products but some list the gpc only so its a true 200mg, with the silicon in the other section.

Yeah I understand why they’d mix it with an anti caking agent and such. What’s confusing to me is how they list it. I’ve seen stuff labeled similarly and I’m never certain what is truly meant. What I’d rather see is better clarification. Some companies are better about that. But as examples, if they said “400mg alpha GPC (50% from 800 mg)” or 800mg (providing 400mg alpha GPC)” or something.

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Update: Meant to post this wayyyyyy earlier, but the total caffeine content is in fact 200mg per scoop, so it’s a substantial amount of caffeine for 2 scoops

That’s a bit dissapointing but I thought it was like that (it’s usually lablesd like this).
200mg caffeine in 2 scoops would have left other ingredients well dosed. sad

Glad you finally got around to it! Did you by chance ask about the GPC?

Unfortunately no. It took them around 6 days to respond, so I hadn’t even thought about it