MycoBotanicals Brain: The Mushroom Nootropic by Paul Stamets

MycoBotanicals Brain: The Mushroom Nootropic by Paul Stamets


MycoBotanicals Brain is a mushroom-based nootropic supplement to support optimal function of the brain and nervous system.

Get ready for a different kind of brain enhancer. We’ve covered choline, we’ve debated L-Tyrosine, and we’ve deconstructed edgy compounds like […]

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Really nice formula, really subpar doses, and the lack of standardized extracts puts me off too.

A damn shame, I’d absolutely adore a widely inclusive supp like this that was put together more effectively.


Yeah – thinking a better option could be to just take Host Defense Lion’s Mane (higher dosed) and toss that in with whatever else you enjoy, like L-Tyrosine and Citicoline or whatnot.


Aye, I personally get BrainForza’s Lion’s Mane delivered every month. It’s a pretty good deal, like $15 if you subscribe, for a month’s worth of 1.5g daily.


Possibly relevant article


Niiice, What’s the primary effect you’re getting from this? I’ll see about getting Brain Forza added to the site. Brands like this that I’m only finding on Amazon need to be added manually.

Thanks. Very relevant, and unsurprising. Misidentification has messed up the entire cordyceps sinensis body of research too!

The full text is here, wow what a paper - but too bad they don’t just come out and name the brands/products:

You could probably figure it out given the lot numbers if you had enough knowledge, product, and time though.


Truthfully it’s hard to isolate any effects that I could attribute purely to the Lion’s Mane, as I’m taking them as part of a synergistic stack I’ve put together, but I can say that since I’ve started taking them (and Bacognize, etc.) some months ago, I retain information MUCH more efficiently, my recall is way up, and I generally only have to study over information twice–once when initially learning it, and then a quick re-scan the night before an exam to bring those memories back to my “recently searched,” so to speak.


Agreed. LOVE this stuff. New to Lion’s Mane but these two do seem very synergistic.

Remember – state dependent memory. If you study on a nootropic, take the test on it too!