My review of NutraBio EAA Energy

So I am doing a quick review of NutraBio EAA Energy. It wasn’t required by @KonRock but if you received something it’s my opinion you should review it somehow whether social media or a site like this.

So here is what I received

I opened and tried the EAA energy this past weekend during some fun outside with my kids. Between football, some basketball and the park I didn’t eat for 5hrs or so and didn’t each much prior either. So I slugged this midway.

Cherry Limeade was the flavor I received. This was a nice tart flavor. The cherry had some sweetness but you get that tartness right after. It wasn’t overly sweet at all and well balanced. So looking at flavor, I would say it’s something I would purchase and this is well flavored.

As part of the energy, the total caffeine content should end up around 150mg if my calculations are correct. This is more than enough for an amino energy drink and I found it a simple little zip in the middle of the day. The additional taurine is nice as well, great hydration ingredient.

The EAA amount is 8.2g which is much better than most all EAA products but also falls short of the 10g mark that makes EAA supplementation equal to a whey scoop in terms of MPS. But it is still a great dose and it’s easy to just add a bit more to get to 10g.

Good product overall, and good flavor choice.

Thanks again Kon


Great review man, glad you enjoyed it and thanks for doing this!

Appreciate your time :slight_smile:

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