My next 2 products to try out

My next 2 products to try out


I will let you know how these 2 products are after I use them myself. The first one is Pro Supps whey protein in campfire marshmallow flavor. It sounds real good. The 2nd product is Kaged Muscle, Pre-Kaged in krisp apple flavor. I have been wanting to try this pre workout for some time.


Campfire marshmallow is a unique sounding flavor.


I’ve had it - it’s pretty good. Especially mixed with milk.


Pre-Kaged is one of those pre’s that almost everyone knows, and has a good formula, but I’ve just never gotten around to trying. Let me know how it goes!


Yeah, sure will. I have been meaning to get Pre-Kaged for awhile myself. I like Kris Gethin so this is a product I can get behind.


That was my thought. I had a toasted marshmallow flavored yogurt last year that I really liked. Unfortunately it was only for a limited time.


Was it the Dannon greek yogurt one? I tried that too and was surprised by how much I actually liked it haha.


I believe it was. It was good.