My honest c4 smart Energy Review

Here’s my honest review of C4 Smart Energy. When reviewing this I focused on two main areas- Performance and Taste.

This is where C4 shines brightest. You get what you pay for. 30 minutes in, and as advertised, you get a really solid focus. Unlike the C4 powders, you don’t get the typical betaalinie focus for tearing up the gym, but you can still use it for fitness, just don’t expect that from this drink. This might be good if you don’t such a strong dose of caffeine and those tingles :grin::grin::grin:.

These C4’s have minimum crash, too. What you get is more like a slow subside from the caffeinated state. It’s sort of a, no pun intended, let down, when it wears off. But on a negative side, you do feel sleepy, which isn’t good for most people. So you’d be best to leverage this by taking it at an appropriate time based on your activities for the day.

1 thing I want to note when giving this rating:
I really don’t expect any energy drink to score any higher without compromising its nutritional profile.

I recommend not looking for a taste bud utopia when you come to this. Typically, the higher the expectation for anything, the bigger the letdown.

This is marketed as a carbonated drink, so in a sense it’s competition for coke and sprite, as well as other energy drinks. I don’t think anyone enjoys drinking most energy drinks really, but I can say C4 smart brain is good on taste. Honestly its best competition is itself. Out of the current flavors of smart energy, I can say freedom ice taste has to be the best(I haven’t tried the black cherry yet).

To me, Freedom ice is like a funny cross between a sprite and a coke. The blue berry in it reminds me of sprite remix or some sort of rocket pop.

I give this product a

The only way this would get higher is if there’s a really amazing flavor that outdoes freedom Ice. again, I haven’t tried the black cherry yet, and it’s sold out.

Haha, maybe that means something?


Thanks for the review!!

The Black Cherry flavor just dropped today on the website and will be preorder til its in stock :slight_smile:

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Ah I see. I think someone recommended midnight cherry when I won and I didn’t know what they were referring to. Black cherry and freedom ice sound like some whopping flavors for a complication pack.

Free idea for you guys :grin::grin::grin:

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Awesome review

In my opinion the Peach Mango is the best flavor of C4 Smart Energy. They absolutely nailed it
Haven’t tried to Black Cherry yet but will be soon.

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The C4 Carbonated has the Midnight Cherry flavor, Black Cherry will be new to the C4 Smart Energy Line

Yeah I know. I think someone was suggesting midnight cherry under the idea that this was black cherry. But when I looked at the site I realized there was no midnight cherry for smart energy.

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Hahah. It’s not bad. But when I tasted it, I was let down because I have a high standard for both those fruits. It’s not bad in the least, but when you suck back smoothies in those flavors long enough, and I mean grade A smoothies, you become sort of spoiled. Haha.

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