My C4 Starburst Cherry Review

Thanks of course to @stad0203 for the free case of the good stuff!

Of the entire Starburst lineup, Cherry is definitely my go-to pick out of them. I sampled all four flavors when they first came out with the collab and was blown away by this one. Very refreshing cherry taste that is a bit brighter than their standard cherry flavor. This makes it a great choice for hot summer days. I took a couple cans with me on vacation to Hilton Head Island this past week so they helped to keep me awake for the 10ish hour drive.

Flavor-wise, I’d give this a 9/10. It’s different from their normal cherry flavor, but I think they’re both as good as each other.

As for effects, I use energy drink cans on my deloads or for pick me ups throughout the day. My daily driver caffeine dose for workouts is 400mg, so this having 200mg is perfect for what I expect out of an energy drink. I choose these when I need more kick than coffee, but not so much caffeine that I’m ready to go hit the gym. Although I have mixed a scoop of Lit in with a can of these and that was fun for sure.

Overall, C4 always delivers, and stays the top of my rankings for energy drinks. I really don’t think any other brands compare in the category


Glad you liked it, thanks for the details thoughts!!