Mutant Mass Collector's Edition

Mutant Mass Collector's Edition


Just received this in the mail a few days ago. I’ve never had Mutant Mass but I thought this was a pretty cool giveaway they were running.


That is cool. I had a sample of Mutant Mass. It tasted good but then again it should due to the amount of calories and carbs in it.


Looks cool, but it says 200 in one place and 300 in another lol.


Haha didn’t even notice that


Received mine 2 days ago, was thinking about not opening it , still undecided


Yeah haven’t opened my either. Not sure what to do with an unopened bag of mass gainer though haha


I know it, been looking at mine just sitting there, lmao,


Collectors item… think of its value in 10 plus years, don’t open it dudes.


Haha not sure I know many people collecting unopened, expired supplements


I cracked it open this past week cause I didn’t know what else I would do with it and have been taking two scoops (1/2 serving) post workout. It is pretty dang tasty but it definitely should be for the macros.