URGENT: If you bought any of the MuscleTech, Six Star, EPIQ, or fuel:one protein powders listed below between March 10, 2011 and November 10, 2015, you are eligible for up to $300 of a $2.5 million class action settlement awarded against Iovate Sciences!! …
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Looks like my intuition on Mass-Tech was right. I always suspected that it might be as the creatine dose is ridiculous and it's got a few amino spike offender ingredients specified on the nutritional facts panel.

Nearly every weight gainer on the market was doing this since forever. Really really wish someone would shoot us some lab tests over. No clue in knowing how bad it was.

Wow that is a crazy pay off!

Hey Will, thanks again, this article is up because of you!

To be honest though, 2.5 million is kinda tiny in the world of class action settlements. Makes me wonder how bad the proteins really were.

Mike, this is exactly why I asked you about the Muscletech family last week, I will never again trust Muscletech or any of their other companies. I should have stuck to my guns since the 90's with the Greg Kovacs Cell tech claims... I must admit I have purchased Six Star on multiple occasions, so thanks for the heads up.

I'm glad I found PricePlow or I would have never known about this. I've used Phase 8 a couple times. I thought it tasted good. But who saves protein receipts? Anyway I made a claim so we'll see. Thanks for what you do!

damn thats crazy. all i did was ask which was one bad lol. looks like almost all of the ones i have =/