MusclePharm Hardcore Series – Open Labels NOW!

MusclePharm Hardcore Series – Open Labels NOW!

MusclePharm debuted a new product line in March of 2015, and it’s exactly what well-informed consumers have been asking for. Dubbed the “Hardcore Series”, it’s a higher-end line targeted at competitive athletes, bodybuilders, and those who are just looking to get to that elite level and want to know exactly …
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Expected a little more out of this. Doesn't seem all that "hardcore" to me. Would have liked to see some arginine nitrate in wreckage too thats a shame. Won't know till we see the full panel though.

Hardcore... possible real dosage amounts is "hard core?" so what have all their other proprietary blends been? Under dosed NOT hardcore products...

Looks like copying other successful products is the best MusclePharm can come up with these days.