MusclePharm – Capstone Nutrition Lawsuit Settled!

To say it’s been a tumultuous 18 months for MusclePharm would be an understatement. Besides the SEC investigation that culminated with several fines and the departure of two CEOs, the bigger concern is if The Athlete’s Company could weather their ongoing legal situation, which included a couple lawsuits. Under the …
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Do you know if Musclepharm is still using Capstone to manufacture their supplements? I notice they have changed a few formulas, such as amino1 and assault. I know their protein has always been questioned, but combat cookies and cream is the best tasting protein on the market, in my opinion.

Can try to find out. It'd be hard to imagine they're still working together after this lawsuit though

Hey Ken,
Thank you for your question and for sharing your opinion. We have and continue to diversify our manufacturing efforts to many different partners. Most of our formula changes have been either for the sake of creating true brand identity across our lines, or as upgrades to keep pace with market trends.
Thanks again,

Thanks for responding, I really enjoy Combat and amino1 and I will continue to support Musclepharm in the future.