MusclePharm and Execs in HOT Water Over SEC Audit

Have you ever wondered where the profits went after buying something from MusclePharm over the past few years? Prepare to find out. (Hint: for those of you thinking about guessing childbirth costs, you wouldn’t be wrong!) Just when all the dust started to settle on the amino acid spiking allegations …
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This makes me question if what's on the label is actually in the product. I figure they need to save money somewhere and the easiest place to hide things are in those proprietary blends. Great write up also.

So how is Cory Gregory involved? I know he is out of MP and started his own gig. Is he a scam too?

He wasn't named in ANY of this. From the SEC standpoint, Cory seems to have been very clean. He is great at what he does - being a "personality / figurehead" (and I mean that in a very nice way) - and it seems like he stuck mainly to that and not touching all this financial nonsense like some of the others may have.

From what we've seen, he's also never been named in any of the various MusclePharm lawsuits. So.... Nothing but good things to say about him from our vantage point.