Muscle Tech Mass Tech Gainer

Muscle Tech Mass Tech Gainer


So uh, my first post here.
First Question is, does anyone remember that deal Priceplow found at the end of September with the three 7lbs tubs of Mass Tech Mass Gainer on Amazon for like $8? Did anyone get it? Even if it’s from China, I couldn’t pass up that deal LOL

Second Question is, I’ve never taken a mass gainer before, but has anyone taken this product before and benefitted from it? If so, how? And how did you like it?

It’s still on the way, so I haven’t gotten it yet!


Holy hell, I remember picking up this deal too. Didn’t it say that it should arrive sometime in November lol?

As for taking a mass gainer, it’s not really more beneficial than blending up some oats, adding some protein powder, milk, and olive oil/peanut butter. It’s just slightly more convenient than that.


Haha yeah in November, I really hope it’s legit though. That’d be awesome lol
Alright note taken, never taken mass gainer before because I was always worried about how I looked and now I just want to get big as hell and strong too haha!


Holy crap I forgot about that deal! If you don’t get it, you definitely gotta get a refund from Amazon.

Use the gainer as a food / “food supplement”. If it’s a ton of carbs, sometime before or after your workout is best. Not before bed, IMHO, unless you’re getting to get fat :wink:


I hope I don’t have to refund it, I really do hope the deal is legit haha!
I don’t mind getting fat, I wanna get bigger and stronger now. Caring about how I look isn’t all that important to me anymore. I may do small 10lb weight cuts here and there if I want to drop to a certain weight class to compete.
But idk I have to look into mass gainers more and see how to use it effectively.
Could you do like half serving before a workout and half serving after?