Muscle Elements Super Bowl Pick 'em Contest!

Muscle Elements Super Bowl Pick 'em Contest!

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Pick the winner of the Super Bowl this Sunday and be entered for a chance to win a complete workout stack from Muscle Elements! The NFL season is rapidly drawing to a close, and to help you get pumped for the Super Bowl, Muscle Elements is offering you the chance… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


I entered / not that you asked


Entered too!


Steelers aren’t playing

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Yeah yeah yeah I know

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Just wanted to give a big Thank You to the @MuscleElements and @PricePlowStaff team for the putting this contest together and also the Eagles for pulling off the upset. I just received my box today, pumped to try these out. Today is my rest day, but fighting the urge to go to try these out.


Excellent, PreCre XS packs a punch

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Awesome!!! Congrats! - That was fast!

For the record, about 40.7% of contestants picked Eagles. So that definitely helped weed out a lot of the competition, but I honestly expected it to be even further, like around 35/65.

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