Muscle Elements Post Pro - America Pop

Muscle Elements Post Pro - America Pop


We’ve all been there, long day, you have a moment of weakness and you cheat … on your diet or maybe it was that girl at the bar that turned you down and had you looking in the mirror and thinking ”do I need to work out harder?” Maybe it was that relative that says you’re getting fatter or you finally want to set some new PR’s.

Whatever your reason is, we’ve all been there. You scoop out your favorite pre-workout, gulp it down with the cocktail of supplements you take… Pills and Powder… Pills and Powder. You head to the gym and come back out those doors two hours later. You did it, you’ve worked out harder than ever before and head home satisfied. But, you wake up the next day feeling like someone beat you with a bat in your sleep.

Post Pro is designed to be a complete post workout supplement aimed at recovery and muscle growth. I have the next 15 days to find out it it works.

9.5 out of 10
Very complete formula here

3:1:2 BCAA Blend
5g total of creatine (HCL & Monohydrate)
20g of Whey Isolate and Concentrate blend
25g Dextrose
5g L-Glutamine
and more

This can replace a few supplements, which my GF would love, since she’s always saying I got the kitchen looking like a pharmacy.

10 out of 10

This reminds me of those good old days as a kid with no bills or responsibilities , chasing the ice cream truck with friends to buy myself a bomb pop. The flavor was was spot on fantastic. The only other complete post I’ve tried was MHP’s Dark Matter and it blows that out of the water on taste.

Today was my first day having it, I’ll update this every couple of days to let you guys know how the effects on recovery are.

Excuse the corny writing, blaming it on the nootropics


You can tell just by the packaging that it’s gonna taste great :joy:


Thank you. We try to fire on all cylinders, nice graphics and awesome ingredients.


Slept like crap last night, but didn’t feel physically tired. Tomorrow I’m working out back and rolling jiu jitsu, will see if the post pro comes through. Anybody try both flavors? Usually not an orange supplement guy, but optimistic since the flavor on this one was on point.


Everyone’s losing their minds over this flavor. Need to snag a scoop someday


Update on the effects: They’re on par with the flavor. Great recovery, no stomach issues thus far. Noticeable difference in overall feeling when compared to my previous post stack. This one is a winner for me


@Msseffect so glad to hear we hit a Homer with both formula and flavor… appreciate your honesty


Was wondering if you guys have considered putting a carb in there that doesn’t spike insulin?


Are there any that don’t?


There are ones that digest slower/don’t spike it much at all like carb 10.

I would imagine the insulin spike is beneficial in this case to get the protein and animos into the muscle.
Whey it self spikes insulin quite a bit.


Gotcha. Wasn’t even aware of Carb10 or half the other products Compound has that aren’t too mainstream until I just checked them out


Yep, cluster dextrin for example. Steady release vs spike.