MTS Whey Ice Cream Sandwich Review

Well, I had to redo this video on my iPhone for this review because there was no sound on the first one, :frowning:
I got my tub of MTS Whey Ice Cream Sandwich flavor. Well, it tastes just like chocolate. I couldn’t taste any vanilla or ice cream flavor in it. It was good but tasted like a regular plain chocolate whey. So I am a bit disappointed. Mint cookies and cream is still the best.

On the second video , the one that you see lol, I tried it with milk. Much better. It had more of an ice cream sandwich flavor but not quite what I was expecting but still good.


Nice review! Pretty disappointing to hear that chocolate dominates this flavor and that it’s not a more creamy chocolate/vanilla blend.

On the other hand, when I eat an actual ice cream sandwich (although it’s been a loooong time), the chocolate sandwich halves definitely have a strong chocolate taste compared to the lighter vanilla taste. Maybe i’m remembering wrong though.

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Marc says that every new flavor is “the best yet”. Wasn’t too impressed with the blueberry muffins when that came out

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Saw this one coming…
ETB Did the same flavor (Vanilla ice cream) Which was almost identical to what you described.

Yeah, in water, this tastes just like a plain chocolate to me. When mixed with milk, had more of a creamy vanilla taste but I am contributing that to the milk mostly. It had good flavor but nothing amazing enough to separate it from good ol fashioned chocolate.

Thanks. Everything with it was right on with other flavors…Mix ability, texture, etc. I guess I have high hopes on protein and when they don’t deliver, I am disappointed…LOL
Mint cookies and cream is still by far his best flavor. It tastes like mint!

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@TheSolution I would be glad to send you a couple scoops of this if you still want to try it. What all brands and flavors do you have ?

Lets just say I have plenty of protein to trade that is opened my man.

I am doing a giveaway. You can see how large my supp sample stash is haha. I also have tons of protein bars too @Bkupniewski on Instagram

Shoot me an email we can work out a deal.