MTS Outright Bar White Chocolate Cranberry Peanut Butter Review:

MTS Outright Bar White Chocolate Cranberry Peanut Butter Review:


MTS Outright Bar


White Chocolate Cranberry Peanut Butter – Marc’s third flavor is a White Chocolate Cranberry with the consistent peanut butter flavor that runs in all of his bars. Upon biting into the bar the original peanut butter flavor is creamy, dense, and has a touch of saltiness to make it pop. The White chocolate pieces and cranberry chunks are all natural and flavorful. The white chocolate packs a luscious sweetness and melts in your mouth. The cranberries provide a perfect tart complex to the bar, which helps balance out the density of the peanut butter. All in all, I went into this bar thinking it would be my least favorite flavor, but I was surprised by how well everything compliments each other.


The texture of the bars correlates a soft cookie. They are a bit firm on the outside but you can puncture them with your finger. The middle is soft, chewy, and melts in your mouth. I have not tried putting them in a microwave, but I would imagine it would melt the chocolate chips. This is a bar that doesn’t need to have anything done to it as the texture is just right and is easy to chew.


Calories ~ 270-280

Fat ~ 11-12g

Carbs ~ 26-27g

Protein ~ 15g

Ingredients: Peanut Butter, Honey, Oats, MTS Isolate Protein, Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips, Cocoa Powder (Raisin’s, Cranberries, White Chocolate Chips in the other bars)


$24.99 a Box of 12 bars, which comes out to $2.08/Bar. Given websites do run sales and promotions getting these under $2 would be an easy buy. When you stack them to other bars on the market it is hard to compare them to bars that have a different ingredient profile. Marc takes a lot of pride is using no fake sugars, or fiber sources to construct a whole food bar.



Affordably priced at $24.99 for a box of 12 ($2.08 per bar)

6 simple whole food ingredients

Digest easy and don’t leave any bloat (like sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners may do)

Impressive taste and texture that just melts in your mouth (even out of the wrapper)

Unique balance ratio of Carbs, Protein and fats


Need a higher protein content (15 a touch too low). Around 20g would be better


  1. Peanut Butter Oatmeal Raisin

  2. White Chocolate Cranberry Peanut Butter

  3. Peanut Butter Oatmeal Chocolate Chip


Glad we agree now. :wink:

Great review as always, Bob! Hoping for some sort of deal on these for Black Friday to finally scoop a 12-pack or 2.


Brian, I wrote the same thing in my last review. Remember this is a “protein snack” he is marketing it for anyone. Not just towards people who want a high protein bar. This is meant to be a universal snack replacement for people who want to eat better. Giving anyone a portable treat on the go that is affordable and tastes good is his biggest concern. He absolutely did just that. If 5g of protein is making or breaking your diet then just eat some more in a different meal or have a scoop of whey with a bar.



I don’t read every review thoroughly, admittedly lol. Just a slow morning at work so I figured I would this time + this flavor intrigues me.

Again, this isn’t making or breaking my diet. I personally just wouldn’t spend so much on a bar that has mediocre protein content. That’s just coming from me who likes to get the most bang for his buck because I’m a broke joke. If you don’t see 15g protein as a problem, I wouldn’t list it as a con…


You have to remember how he marketing he bar. This isnt a bar to rival a 20-25g protein bar. This is a whole food bar to be a snack and replace anything in anyones diet. He is trying to help improve customers decisions for nutrient dense whole foods, over getting fake fibers, glycerine, or prebiotic fibers which cause digestive issues.

Once you try them I bet you will be hooked even with a subpar protein content to your liking. I crush the outright bars up in a bowl of sludge. Gives nice texture to a protein pudding.


I have a feeling I am going to like this one. If you knew my cookie preference, you guys would think I am 80 years old. I love oatmeal/cranberry cookies.

Also a big fan of those trail mix oatmeal cookies at starbucks…


Now see I’m not a cranberry guy…I’m just not…


Oddly, I hate raisins, but I love dried cranberries.


I do understand of course that Marc isn’t sitting at home trying to figure out what type of bar I would like of course.