MRE Carrot Cake Bars

MRE Carrot Cake Bars


Guys - this is the best tasting protein bar I’ve ever had. That is all - please resume your normal activities.

I love carrot cake too, so take that for what it’s worth.


Let’s all just be honest, anyone who DOESN’T love carrot cake is doomed to a life of mediocre gains.


I think best “tasting” is more accurate, since it uses beef iso as it’s primiary protein source, which is junk.

It is something I would never eat, buy, or recommend.

Enjoy the cow byproducts!


You’re entitled to your opinion. Goood thing for Redcon1 that not everyone shares your opinion.

But you’re right, perhaps best tasting is more accurate.


beef Iso being far inferior to whey is a fact, not an opinion my man.

But glad it’s tasty.


Never said it wasn’t my friend. But you said you’d never recommend it or buy it. That’s cool - but your opinion on protein sources for an enjoyable treat isn’t law.

I get it that you’re with Gaspari - but no need to hate on products that other people enjoy.


To be fair, it’s not just the brand thing. I’m not associated with anyone (to the sponsors out there: that can change very quickly. Call me.) and even I think it’s pretty bleh how fast PP as an entity flipped its opinion on beef isolate. They(presumably Mike, maybe Robert) used to roast tf out of it in their articles and reviews, but once RedCon mixed it with some oat powder, the stance became very positive.


That said, I’m not claiming that you’re representing PP as a company with this little blurb, Matt, just a trend I noticed.


Ya, Definitely man. This is absolutely my opinion and I’m not acting as an agent of PricePlow.

Whey is superior to beef - no question. But far be it from me to tell people what to eat and what not to eat. If an MRE bar keeps someone from eating a cheesecake or other cheat meal, why is it so bad? Same with a Lenny and Larry’s cookie, etc…


It’s simply not calling a spade a spade…

If Gaspari does a Beef Iso, you will never see me use it or recommend it either. <~~~ that’s a fact

A loss in credibility for PP <~~~ that’s an opinion


Again, I stated I’m not acting as an agent for PricePlow. I apologize if I’m coming off as abrupt - I have no intention to.

For protein bar fans who want a carrot cake flavor alternative that is macro friendly, this is an awesome option. I never said it was superior to whey, which seems to be an argument you’re forcing.


I guess I am medicore then. LOL I hate protein bars and I don’t like carrot cake…:slight_smile:


Beyond redemption, truly.


As I have said before, protein bars lack taste and texture and cost effectiveness. Protein bars fail miserable trying to replicate the taste of these cookies, cakes, brownies, etc. With the number of healthy recipes with good macros, you can make a real cookie or brownie that tastes much better because its the real thing and its much more cost effective.


For sure - but not everyone has the time to do that. For people working 50-60 hour weeks, have a family, etc… protein bar might be their only realistic option.


Just eat the protein damnit.


Can we get German Chocolate Cake next?


Thanks for the kind words on the bar. I personally haven’t tried it yet, but looking forward to!

Again to the other company that always replies to RedCon1 MRE, MRE Lite and MRE Bar threads… thanks for the product education.


They’re watching you!


He must have had inside information! Haha.

Wonder what the next crazy protein bar flavor will be, not exclusive to Redcon1… I’m still waiting for a Butter Pecan flavored something! Or some sort of cereal infused protein bar (quest cereal bars don’t count - but were tasty).

Optimum is launching Gingerbread Cake Bites, so those will be interesting!