Mountain Dew Game Fuel Zero

Throw it in the trash… bland.


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I tried the watermelon the other day and thought it was pretty good! I’ve heard it’s the better of the two flavors they released

had it this morning it’s weak in flavor imo… RockStar Zero had a great Watermelon and GNC has an RTD called Mad Pony, with a very good candy watermelon flavor.

The old Game Fuel, at least the limited edition one that was out when Halo 3 was released was legit

Buy more c4 smart or c4 carbonated and don’t worry about getting burned



this was your chance to pitch us on CP’s preworkout

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Probably wasn’t the Zero version. Calorie version has always tasted great to me

I’ve got watermelon in the fridge - I’ll give it a go tomorrow. Hopefully it’s better than the Crapberry Lemonade.

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it wasnt horrible, not great either

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Fuel is great if you want a Lower price point energy drink replacement

But if I want a carbonated can I’m rocking a c4 or merica

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Yeah that one def had sugar in it :joy: