Most of This Forum is Now Readable to the Public

It’s live! We’re now fully open to the public – at least the main subs. The Watercooler is not publicly readable, at least for now!

Thanks to everyone for hanging with us in the early period, still tons of room to grow!

Next contest is coming!


While trying not to sound too people-phobic, personally I’d like to keep the water cooler non-public. It would be kinda nice having an invite-only sort of “inner circle” group for us cool kids or whatnot. That may just be me though.

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I was reading the PP blog a few days ago or so and it prompted me to join the forum. May have been active a bit earlier

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Hello, world!

I feel so naked and vulnerable now though. Hold me, Mike.


Agreed. We’ll need to adjust how easy or hard it is to see it though, as people get “points” more easily.

But let’s just agree that you want to secretly discuss conspiracy theories in there with us :rabbit:

The old Disqus comments were ported to this forum, and then made public immediately. That was the first step, as I felt terrible for taking the comments down and needed to get them back up ASAP.

So if you comment on a forum topic linked up with a blog post, those comments will also show on the blog. I’m going to fix the technology of that though, I’m not 100% happy with how it’s working.

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