Monster Energy Suing Bang Creator VPX Sports (Jack Owoc Disease Claims?!)

A “legendary” industry CEO recently told me that all of these claims made on video will be the next wave of lawsuits when he politely told me he’d rather not have anyone from his brand come on our channel.

He was right.

It’s pretty clear that VPX / Bang are making a serious dent in the massive energy drink market, so Monster went digging. And they may have found dirt.


I’ve never seen VPX/Bang make these claims in their advertising, but I admittedly don’t pay much attention to their social media. If they do claim that bang can cure Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, “retardation,” and more, that was some profoundly stupid stuff for them to say.

ALLEGEDLY - Because I haven’t watched it - it wasn’t the brand themselves, but the CEO in an interview.

This is how hazardous video / audio will become once you get into the big leagues, as Bang clearly is now.

Doubt Monster can prove damages though (not sure if that matters)

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Ridiculous, instead of responding to bang with a hi caffeine drink with aminos and creatine (pixie dusted I know) with creative, delicious flavor. File a frivolous lawsuit instead. Don’t create a competitive product, use combative law practice instead.

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Everyone’s coming after bang lol

Patent trolls… lol

Pretty sure VPX (hi tech & GNC) have a victory under thier belt vs them over a now invalidated L-arginine patent.

This is from memory, I could be wrong.

They also won the latest round regarding Creatine Nitrate, but I’m almost positive that’s not over yet (is it ever?)

Hi Tech took nearly a million off them for legal fees, not long ago.

i looked this one up, lol.

Yea, most likely not the end of it. I can go interview Jack myself, VPX HQ is 10 away from me. Just send me over a priceplow shirt for legitimacy :sunglasses:

On the topic of Patent Trolls, anyone else remember this gem? Not a huge Insane Labz fan, but this was funny.


You live in Orlando? I may be there end of the month or November visiting their HQ

Orlando? I’m talking about the HQ in Weston,FL. Did they move?

The guys at CP told us this:
WIN A TRIP TO ORLANDO to visit VPX Headquarters!

Maybe you know more then I do but that is what I got out of it.

Maybe they’re sending you guys to a conference. Orlando is better than Weston anyway.

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