Modafinil for weight loss?

Modafinil for weight loss?

I’ve read this post: and started experimenting with Modafinil for weight loss and fitness.

I found it very effective, mainly because I found that I could exercise for extended periods of time, but also because of the change in mindset.

Do you know of any other nootropics (besides Phenylpiracetam) that are effective when it comes to fitness enhancement and/or weight loss?

I have 90 kilos and I’m 1,68, so I’m really looking to lose weight.

Looking forward to hear your thoughts.


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You have to be really careful with modafinil and those compounds. You really don’t know what you’re going to get. I have tried them though, and did enjoy the time i used them, but simple diet and exercise alongside proper supplementation should be your primary way of getting things done. Tried and true, and you don’t risk your physical/mental well-being in the process


Sulbutiamine is great for mood and energy without causing the insomnia (if taken early enough) that the 'finils caused me


love modafinil

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I loved it got the focus and alertness when I took it


I think Moda is a good place to stop, honestly. Adderrall and vyvanse also help to the same effect but you’re ramping up the side effects. Racetams work different for everyone, but the consistent feedback on phenylpiracetam is that tolerance builds super quick.

These things are just in the “not worth it” department for me as far as weight loss.

Moda for me also gives a very rough day-after feeling. Super tired.


I had a script for adderall in college after a few concussions. It would jack my blood pressure up and dehydrate me so much it was impossible for me to remain consistent in performance in the gym. I prefer moda over it immensely

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Oh man - that tunnel vision in the gym though! It is no joke. Could workout back for 2 hrs!


I’ve never taken it pre-training. Now i’m interested


It’s a RIDE for sure my man. I’m with Matt on this lmao


It’s less interesting for training than doing something that requires you to be crazy awake without much sleep (early morning, late nights, long day of repetitive desk tasks, etc