Mixing stim free pre with nootropic

Mixing stim free pre with nootropic

Hey guys!

I’m currently using Syner Vol pre workout and it’s great for pumps, vascularity and performance but I do miss the energy and focus of the stims in other supps.

So I was thinking, for my next tub of Syner Vol, to mix each serving with a nootropic like SNS Focus XT, Outbreak Nutrition Transmit, Noowave High Performer or others.

Would it be safe to mix these 2 supps? Any nootropic (without banned substances) that you could suggest?


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I think those two would be safe. I love Synervol and stack it with annotropic multiple times a week.

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Which nootropic would you suggest?


I like Natural Stacks Ciltep; AlphaBrain; Nootropimax; ManSports BrainBridge; and I’ll forget a few that I’ve tried.


I personally love MainFrame honestly

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I had heard good things about that…but it’s a PC World now (technology joke)


Ayeeeee. Aside from that, your recommendations are also my other faves


Nootropimax I still haven’t had a full serving to compare, but I really like Skywalk, Anastasis Konnect, and most recently Focus XT by SNS, which i’m Just now getting around to running through and will eventually have a review of posted