MitoBurn: β-Aminoisobutyric Acid (L-BAIBA) from NNB Nutrition

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We recently covered an exercise-induced amino acid named BAIBA. This article expands on that article’s research and introduces you to a tested and verified form of L-BAIBA named MitoBurn from NNB Nutrition ( NNB Nutrition has finally brought us a trusted and tested form of L-BAIBA, which we call an… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

Who doesn’t want a stronger lever lol

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So L-BAIBA to augment the beneifts of cardio, and EMIQ to augment the benefits of resistance training (if we’re talking relatively unproven ingredients that have potential):

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And Urolithin A while we’re at it.

I know OL has used Uro B, and there’s some promising rodent data on it as well, but so far I’ve only seen a human study on A:

Can we get a product with Uro A, EMIQ, and BAIBA?

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I think you’ll see more combos of BAIBA with other ingredients in 2020.

NNB is incredibly talented at their ingredient production, but lacked the exposure to big/emerging brands before this year.

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Looking forward to seeing what comes out.
Hopefully there is a good budget product, since I want to try it.

Anyone have anecdotal feedback on this? @Extrabeef I know you were with OL for a bit, did you utilIe the BAIBA?

Don’t think it was used there, AFAIK NNB is the first company to make it commercially available.

I’m beta testing it right now in a formula, Mike has been using it raw

anecdotally, it makes us ‘warm’ up quicker and our heart rates reach their ‘cardio’ levels faster.

longer term results will need to be tracked for the real shining IMO

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My mistake - thought I heard OL utilized it. Thanks for the feedback. GBB def gives me the “warm up” effect. Big fan of Steel Sweat because of this.

I was using Like a Pro’s Burn Away right now and I definitely felt that way about GBB in there