Mission1 chocolate peanut butter, desperately need help


I’ve been searching meticulously for Muscletech’s Mission 1 Chocolate Peanut Butter flavor protein bar and had absolutely no luck finding a place that sells it. Every website I found shows that it’s sold out. I really, REALLY would like to purchase this flavor. Would anybody be able to help me with this one? Priceplow had a sale on it for 2 boxes just a couple months ago, so I’m really hating myself for having missed it.

I’m also looking for the Chocolate Brownie flavor of Combat Crunch, which was unfortunately discontinued. But I’m less hopeful that this one will turn up for sale.

I would greatly appreciate any help on this.

I wanted to send you a box (free)
But it looks like the Chocolate PB is completely out of stock…

Have you tried the Nitrotech Bars (Birthday Cake) or perhaps MT Cookies? (Doughy texture)


Looks like BB .com is going to restock it in a while, so I would wait for that, i’m not seeing it either.

Nice MT_brian

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@Muscletech_Brian: Aw, that is really unfortunate. Is there any way to verify if it might be available somewhere, some leftover? Just to confirm you are with Muscletech, right? If so, do you know if they will be making more of this product?

I’ve actually tried the Nitro Tech Crunch bars; they’re pretty good, too. But the Mission1 Choco PB, I was really hoping to buy…

I’m not sure when bodybuilding.com will actually get around to restocking them. The note that they’re on backorder may not indicate that they’re actually going to restock them; it could still mean if no stock is available, that status will change to Out Of Stock.

If there’s any way to get these, I’d be willing to even pay extra for them.

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I know CVS Pharmacy carries the Mission1 bars. Maybe you will have some luck if you go check.

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Damn I’ve been meaning to try the cookies! Chances are, if they taste good, I’ll probably be going through a box a week

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@Matt_Towson I unfortunately do not have any CVS Pharmacies near me I can check. Plus, their website is not letting me visit them (but I’ll have someone check the site).

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Forwarded the inquiry straight to HQ. I’ll reply ASAP once I get confirmation!
And yes, I am with Muscletech. :star_struck:
Appreciate the interest~

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Thank you so much! And of course, I’d be willing to pay extra for a box. Maybe there’s concern of the “best before” date or something for any possible leftover, but I think it will still be fine.

Hi Muscletech_Brian,

Any update from Muscletech regarding this? I’m holding high hopes that they have at least 1 leftover in stock. It wasn’t too long ago that these were still being sold.

I was informed this morning that all of the Choco PB has been discontinued a while back, but third parties simply had it listed until it was sold out.
It was the only one that was part of the “old formula” but I do agree that I still prefer it above all else :confused:
You might still find it in places like Vitamin Shoppe,
but even Amazon/Ebay doesn’t have 'em…

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No disrespect to MT, but there are a lot of other great Peanut Butter and Chocolate flavored bars out there. : )

For taste, my preferences are:

(1). SinFit
(2). Ronnie Coleman King Crunch (Brownie and Peanut Butter)
(3). Animal Snak Bar (Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter / Peanut Butter Oats and Honey)
(4). MyBar
(5). One Bar

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None taken,
But keep in mind that Mission1 bars were more-so for macros (and more filling)
Whereas our Nitrotech Bars are intended for flavor :smiley:

And Oatmega > all that you listed :stuck_out_tongue:
Some of the ones on that list messes up my stomach…

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I do love oatmega. Less protein but more taste!

This is really unfortunate :frowning:
If anyone has any spare boxes or bars of this flavor, or knows where to get them, I’m willing to pay good dollar for it. I just really want to try it out, as I love the taste of pretty much every other Mission1 bar.

I believe I have a box or two in one of my cabinets at home. I’ll let you know!


:frowning: Trust me, I asked several MT affiliates and HQ if anyone had a spare box… sigh, no luck


Hey Joseph,

I saw Mission1 at my CVS Pharmacy and Walgreens. I’ll check them out tomorrow for you! Are you strictly wanting chocolate peanut butter?

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I can check my local stores for you too, I’ll check this weekend and let you know.

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@blongo804 That would be great, thanks a lot! Hoping you still have some…

@Muscletech_Brian, still I really appreciate that you tried to help!