Micronutrients Test

New and more efficient technology to determine the concentration of micronutrients in the cells of the body, but not in the blood. It gives the full information about real deficiency of micronutrients. It’s effective poll method. Need to answer on 130 questions. After that I will be able to calculate current deficiency.

The price of service to get diagrams is 100 eur.
The price of service of generating the way to replenish the deficiency is +100 eur.
The price of service of helping choosing all required supplements +50 eur.

My discord is Micronutrients Test#1784

Determining micronutrient concentrations in cells, rather than just the blood, can provide comprehensive information on deficiencies. A new and efficient technology offers a promising solution. Need to add quality and reliable nutrition supplements to your diet to cover up the deficiencies.