Merica Labz Victory & Merica Classic Energy Drink Review

Merica Labz Victory & Merica Classic Energy Drink Review

Merica Labz Merica Energy Drink Review


Victory (Cream Soda) – Cream soda is a mixture of carbonated water, vanilla syrup, and added half and half or cream . Upon taking my first sip the balance of vanilla flavoring and cream is spot on. The density of the flavor hits your taste buds as the carbonation enhances the experience into the aftertaste. One thing I did pick up on is the initial taste gives me a sweetened vanilla cool whip vibe with the added richness from the carbonation. This is definitely a unique flavor, but if you are a diehard A&W cream soda fan this will be right up your alley.

Merica Classic (Cherry Cola) – If you have ever had a diet cherry coke this is almost a pinpoint replica of that carbonated beverage into an energy drink. The cherry flavor packs a dense flavor with a tart aftertaste. The tartness is not too strong where it is overbearing but just enough to compliment the carbonation in an equal ratio to be refreshing. I found this drink to please me more then I expected. I can see this being a big hit for a lot of people who already enjoy cherry based flavors on the market


  • There are no artificial colors in any of the ‘Merica Labz energy drinks making them clear.

‘Merica Energy formula carries over vitamin B6 and B12, which is found in both Bang, Hyde Power Potion, and C4 Carbonated Energy Drinks There is a ‘Merica Energy and Focus Blend which highlights:

250mg Acetyl L-Carnitine – Enhanced focus, improved memory, and neuroprotecitve effects

250mg Choline Bitartrate – Enhances focus, memory, and mood.

~200mg Caffeine – This is the stimulant provided in the energy drink.

50mg Guarana Extract - Metabolism booster in addition to the potent amount of caffeine it provides.

The caffeine intake is similar to the C4 Carbonated Energy drink, but lower by ~ 100-150mg from Bang Energy Drink & Hyde Power Potion. The inclusion of Acetyl L-Carnitine, Choline, and Guarana help provide a synergistic effect for a prolonged caffeine half-lfie.


$30-35/Case direct from ‘Merica Labz. There are other vendors who do stock the product for a cheaper rate (~$26/Case). Given the flavoring of these energy drinks, they are worth the investment. I personally like the 200mg range for a drink as it is a sweet spot for caffeine intake. Merica Energy can be used as an every day get me up, coffee replacement, or a carbonated energy drink prior to exercise.

Flavor Rankings

  1. Merica Classic
  2. Victory
  3. Impeachment
  4. Let’s Make Merica Grape Again
  5. Not Your Granny’s Apple
  6. Merica Made
  7. Freedom
  • Both new flavors are amazing, and I can’t wait for Blueberry Lemonade


So here is the big one most people want to know. How does it stack up to the popular energy drinks on the market!?

‘Merica Energy à Medium Carbonation, Prolonged Caffeine Half-Life (Choline, Acetyl L-Carnitine, Guarana Extract)

Bang à Stronger Carbonation, BCAA, Creatine, COQ10, B12, B6, Taurine, 300mg Caffeine

Hyde à Less Carbonation, Sweeter Taste, 350mg Caffeine, LCLT (recovery), Citrulline (Pump), Teacrine & Choline (Nootropics)

Raze à Lighter Carbonation, Similar Caffeine as Bang (300mg), Added Nootropics for Focus

Cellucor C4 Carbonated à Moderate Carbonation, bold flavors, No artificial colors/dyes (Purple Frost), Blend of Beta-Alanine (Endurance), Betaine (Performance), Citrulline (Pump/ Prevent Lactic Acid Build Up)

For those looking for the strongest energy and focus à Hyde

If you favor straight flavor and a strong initial hit of energyà Bang

If you favor a lightly carbonated long lasting energy drink à Raze

If you favor Performance and a good tasting product à C4 Energy Drinks

If you favor focus and a great tasting energy drink à ‘Merica Energy


Killer review, Bob! Now I HAVE to try Merica Energy.

Only time I did was a year ago on a PricePlow review with CJ - where the cans were room temperature. Hah.

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If you lived closer I would say come over and grab a few. Shipping 1-2 cans out of pocket is bleh since the weight of them can add up fast.

I was extremely unimpressed by the green apple when i tried it last year. Maybe I’ll give them another try, a mom-n-pop near me sells them individually.

As stated I am biased toward grape and apple over most people, but I would still put peach , classic and victory above it

Taste buds will always differ

Told u

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You going to get Blueberry Lemonade when that comes out!?
I tossed some flavor suggestions to Doug/Pat today hopefully they consider them for the future

  • Arnold Palmer
  • Cran Raspberry
  • Tigers Blood
  • Lemon Lime (For some unknown reason people love basic flavors)

I love cranberry (not references from The Departed, please) - but no one does it!

But who was Ginger Ale ???

Never been a fan of ginger ale.

thanks Bob for the CP assist.


Ginger Ale would be an amazing idea! Highly underrated drink imo

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Straight dying at the Trump in the background LOL


I can envision @Dougefresh93 sitting on this with a Merica Energy drink in one hand.


The only GNC in my area that carries these didn’t have the new flavors yet, but I did try the Freedom flavor and thought it was really good. If this is the worst flavor of the bunch then I’m really excited to try the rest of them.

Also side note: I asked the GNC employee if he had tried these, and if so which flavor was his favorite? His response was “I usually stick with Bang because of the creatine”…

In case you needed a laugh this afternoon


Tried both of these this weekend , thought the Victory was way better than the Classic


i concur, and i prefer cherry coke to cream soda (back when i drank soda)\

that’s super creatine mister!

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I recently bought a case of the Merican Classic and I have to say, I was disappointed. Tasted more like medicine to me than a cherry coke drink. Was it terrible ? No. Was it good ? No. It was just so-so. If I had tried a can of it, I would not have bought a case.
Again, Doug’s products are quality products but I think they seriously lack a good flavoring system. They need to hire some guys from good tasting supplement lines. I have not had one flavor of theirs that I would say was really good. The best was probably Fury X, gummy worms.
I will stick to my Bang, Raze, or C4 for energy drinks.

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I only like their Victory and the Green apple.