'Merica Labz Now on BB.com

Currently 25% off for the launch

Cool this is a brand I have been meaning to try. Anyone have any experience with these guys and have any recommends?

Their protein is great for flavoring, the pre is nice, good doses, generally above what other’s dose, but a shorter label. All flavors are nice, and the energy drinks are pretty good too. Dope brand, love their marketing cuz I’m all about that.


Protein highly recommend. They’re other products are good but I think they’re actually going back to the drawing board on a couple. It’s Core Nutritions sister brand


Ohhhhh okay, did not know that thanks! Yeah @Anthony and @Nappy_Nerd their protein looks great! Been excited about those flavors for a while.


They are delicious! Worth the buy

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I gotta echo the recommendations on the protein. The Yankee F’n Doodle and Fortuitous Keepsakes are both ridiculously good


The energy drinks kinda suck

I love the energy drinks but can see why some don’t like them. They are releasing better flavors from what I understand.

My take is that the cereal makes the protein, but the protein itself is a bit ‘off’. Super cool brand and team though.

I think they’re displeased with us because basically nobody at PricePlow (current or past) was that into the energy drinks. The idea is amazing but taste means everything with those things.