Mega Pre Goes BLACK! Primeval Labs Crushes it with Heavier Stim Pre Workout

Mega Pre Goes BLACK! Primeval Labs Crushes it with Heavier Stim Pre Workout


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Primeval Labs has released a much-improved look at its all-new and extremely exciting Mega Pre “upgrade”. On August 22nd, 2018, one of the industry’s fastest-growing brands released the new label for their upcoming Mega Pre Black. This new black label gives the product a darker vibe, which alludes to a… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


Took me a second…I get it now…Good one.

So…I was a fan of the stim-free MegaPre…and wonder out loud (although I know that @Matt_Towson likes this - but is it too much stim?


@Matt_Towson thinks 200mg is to too much stim. He’s a lightweight :joy::joy:


I feel his pain lately. Too much stim literally hurts my joints after a workout…I’m in the Ghost 250 max category now…


Welcome to the club! I have to stay low primarily because my sleep quality has always been an issue. More caffeine makes it worse. : (


Once you have your kid caffeine won’t be interrupting any sleep, guarantee you that


So did you simply use one scoop of MegaPre Black?


I actually use 1.5. Maybe 2 for a heavy leg day.


Thank you Matt. Do you use it with GhostPump?


Yes and no. For leg day, I can’t use extra pump. My legs will get too swollen and filled with blood. It makes it impossible to get good contractions. I’ve used it with Pump for every other bod part though.


Matt you are a scholar and an athlete…thank you.


I try! But I can’t serve two masters much longer!



They say timing is everything. Going out of town, so I have to hold off on my Primeval order for a few days…