Meet the Man Who REALLY Formulated Pre-JYM

In any industry, there are largely two kinds of people: those who interface with the consumers and media, and those who quietly get things done behind the scenes, wanting no fame and no glory. But sometimes, when dirty laundry gets aired out, some of the clean clothing gets mixed up …
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I guess my question is who owns the trademark JYM and JYM Supplement Science?

Regardless of who formulated the Jym line, I still like them and I'all still use them. But ... Wow.

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So let me get this straight... Stoppani brings a pre-workout formulation to that he created, some guy at tweaks the formula a little bit to improve it, and suddenly owns Pre JYM? Wow, pretty opportunistic by, don't you think? By this logic, whoever edited Tolstoy's War and Peace book owns the rights to it, eh? is desperate. For three years they said on their site that Dr. Stoppani owned and created JYM, and now they're pulling this? This guy Rand was "responsible for overseeing the formulation, labeling, and manufacturing process of’s private-label brands." Big deal. People "oversee" other people's work all the time. Doesn't mean they have ownership of it.

This is what happens when you start believing your own press. I believe Dr. J really believes he created all of the JYM line. So sad :(

“Stoppani’s proposed pre-workout supplement formula had a poor taste
and smell, did not dissolve thoroughly, the texture was granulated, and
the proposed ingredients were too expensive.”

In other words, Stoppani's formulation was really good -- just a few things needed to be improved. helped out an already good pre-workout formulation and now they own the entire product line? Is it just me or does that seem like a reach?

If Dr. Stoppani didn't formulate the JYM line, why did BB feel the need to sign a 3-year exclusive agreement with him?

I would speculate they signed him to a 3 year marketing agreement, appears to have formulated, designed, and manufactured the JYM line, maybe there was a chance to purchase controlling interest after three years, who knows for sure. I guess we should stay tuned to to find out what happens next.

I used to be a big Stoppani fan, but all the defenders here need a reality check that he straight up lied to us and continues to lie. He said he formulated Pro Jym, now its right there in court papers that it's just rebranded Protogen, and a house brand. This whole thing was a brilliant marketing campaign by bodybuilding dot com and a lot of us bought in.

According to the above article here, it appears that Stoppani formulated Pre JYM and BB's guy Brian helped him with some of the imperfections (namely taste and smell) to get it buttoned up and ready to sell.

Wow this is all crazy...use to take Jym products but have found better products.Funny how Jim blasted Nutrabio but now makes a video pretty much admitting his projym only has 60-70% of usable protein per scoop just like Mike frm Nutrabio had said in his video a few months ago

I used to use JYM products not any more. I think the Jim Stoppanni knows his training. I use his training systems. The supplement line was a by product for him to keep making more money. Then on top of it all to keep everyone in the dark about the truth of the supplement line is shady business practice. There are better formulas out there with fully disclosed labels. That is why I now use Nutrabio. I know exactly what I'm taking when using the Nutrabio supplement line.

How do you get mainly smell and taste when they added Creatine HCL, Citrulline Malate and additional caffeine. They also removed quite a few ingredients too. Your in denial. The gym formula would be crap without BB's reformulation.

Isaiah, I think we both agree this is a total mess, I am an older man and this reminds of when young music artists back in the day would shop their demo tapes to record labels and the record companies would say "no thanks" and as soon as they discovered the song was not copy written, they stole the song and gave it to an existing artist. I dont think anyone will come out a winner on this, but I do believe GNC will lose.

Interesting article, but you are missing the point of the legal case. I read the pleadings and the case appears to be simply one of who has ownership of the mark "JYM".. i.e. the words and the logo, and who can continue to sell a product using this name and logo. The formulation and who created it is irrelevant in trademark law. Who created the name and logo and first sold a product under the name and logo is what's important. Unless new pleadings were filed that i have not seen, no one is suing to claim any proprietary ownership of the formulation of the product..that's a patent issue, not a trademark issue.

Actually, Jym belongs to BB and Jym Supplement Science belongs to Stoppani...the formulas are completely irrelevant to any of the legal proceedings, as they're non-proprietary, so anyone can go into production of that exact same formula that they're both selling as long as you follow Federal guidelines on manufacturing supplements...

Here's a new scenario for you...

A guy named Jim walks into ABC Publishers' office with a book in his hand. Although this is Jim's first novel, he thought of the story and wrote it all on his own. The publisher agrees to read through the novel and after finishing it, he looks at Jim and says, "This is a great story, but I have to make some changes before it'll sell."

Jim allows the changes to be made, publishes the book, which he proudly stamps on the front, "Author: Jim."

Now... what you're proposing is that because the publisher made changes to the book, they should change the author's name to ABC Publishers and that ABC Publishers should have the right to sue Jim over ownership of the book.

If you still want to stand by that statement, you're welcome to... but you'll look like an idiot.