Meet The Lawyer SUING Enhanced Athlete | Robert Tauler

Meet The Lawyer SUING Enhanced Athlete | Robert Tauler



Probably doesn’t even lift


@Mike sorry but you got him on the Sarms part, they’re casting a very wide net. Not sure how they’re going to prove “research chemical” is falsely advertised and affecting their business. Seems to me they’re trying to pass off as white knights, but it’s all about money. The whole sarms thing is a shady business that should be dealt with, but these guys are just trying to profit


The guy suing him is an idiot. He tried suing Newroids as well and lost.


Lol what was he going to get from a guy that works out of his basement?


Truth is, I’m a bit more on his side than not, but hopefully I was fair and reasonable in asking questions.

Ultimately I see Nutrition Dist winning this case, because I don’t see Huge coming back to the USA for a deposition and the judge is gonna have had enough. That’s my personal opinion.