Meal Prep Companies

Does anyone have any opinions/suggestions on meal prep companies that they’ve used or liked? I like prepping my lunches on weekends for the work week but occasionally don’t have time on the weekends when traveling. I’ve been checking a few out online like icon meals, bite meals, and mega fit meals but haven’t tried any yet. Let me know if you did or did not like any specific companies.

Icon Meals
Mega Fit Meals

In that order… Ive had good success with all 3

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I like icon because they’re in my backyard, but they had major labeling issues… they labeled their original protein popcorn at 8g of fat per bag and it was really 50g…

Hard to trust companies like that. This went on for over three years. : /

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Holy shit! That’s the first I have heard of this. I always thought something was “off” when comparing the macros to the order of ingredients and the great taste everyone raved about.

I would love to use them but way too expensive.

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I remember @Mike reviewed 5% Nutrition meals a long time ago and he liked most of them. Not sure if they are still around but worth checking out as another option.

I think the cheapest price I found but high quality performance protein based meals was like nearly $8 per meal! And that would get quite pricey when you eat 4 or 5 times a day…LOL

Icon is good for bulk meats (bison, beef, chicken, turkey, etc…) and is great if you’re traveling and your employer gives you a per dium. They’ll deliver it to your hotel - so it’s great for that.

Otherwise, I’ll buy my own meats. Rice is stupid inexpensive. Potatoes start to add up though…as does organic green veggies.

What really blows me up is egg whites. Even at Costco, they add up when you’re using 6-8 serving a day.

Thanks for the suggestions! I was really only thinking I’d need 1-2 meals per day so cost wouldn’t add up too much. Just needed for more of a convenience factor every once and awhile.

If you only need 1-2 meals a day you are better off just throwing oats/whey/pb in a tupperware and adding water to make a protein sludge… Far cheaper

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Yeah but that doesn’t sound very appetizing to have fairly often

Then wake up earlier and prep your food, or find more portable foods → Dried fruits, banana’s, apples, nut butters, almonds, beef jerky, string cheese, hard boiled eggs, protein bars, make sandwiches (chicken, beef, turkey). There are plenty of ways to prep food in a very fast fashion even if you travel you just simply have to put forth the effort instead of overpaying for a few meals. Especially if you want around 5-10 total a week which could be made within an hour max of your time.

If the meals come out to $10 per meal. I don’t consider that overpaying. That’s about the cost of a meal if I were to eat out, such as a chipotle burrito bowl or blaze pizza. It’s just a healthier option generally and can be more convenient.

If that’s the case, I’d rather just get a burrito bowl from chipotle. ; )