Maxx Chewning's Strawberry Daiquiri Ghost Legend Pre Workout is Back!

Maxx Chewning's Strawberry Daiquiri Ghost Legend Pre Workout is Back!

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Updated March 12, 2020: Ghost is doing a limited restock of Strawberry Daiquiri and Mango Margarita Ghost Legend! Use code PRICEPLOW for 20% off — don’t miss out on these spring break favorites! Maxx Chewning is back with another Ghost Legend flavor! A year and a half after the tag-team… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

I “love” that whenever they have these releases, something is always guaranteed to be out of stock. Ghost isn’t the only company I’ve noticed this with. It’s a few of the other “lifestyle” brands that conveniently do it too cough inspired cough. They want you to come back and make another order.

But wait - they magically restock 2-4 weeks later. Guess they found some extra inventory!

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2-4 weeks sounds like normal distribution. I’ve seen it where the item sells out or the promo ends and the item returns to the store. Like same week / day. Another common one is when they remove “stacks” from the store all together.

Yah - it was half sarcasm. They know they’ve got more on the way, but they pitch it like it’s “gone forever.”

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Was a shaker out of stock? I think I saw that?

Honestly if you knew the real numbers of these launches…it’s insane. They can’t possibly expect to forecast it.

We track stock but I’ve never closely analyzed what Ghost’s doing. I can test any theories.

Anyway, this Strawberry flavor is INSANE! Absolutely love it.

How would you all rate the Legend flavors? I’ve only had a few.

I loved all of the flavors I’ve tried. Blue Lime was exclusive and probably my favorite, from CG V2

Other than that, the Warheads collabs have been my favorite. I’ve yet to try the raspberry sour patch kid.

Cherry Lime was good and so was Welches’s Grape.

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Sonic Cherry Lime and Welch’s Amino are both really good. ‘Running out of stock’ is the same thing as having a line of people waiting outside of a club…Perception/Marketing. I’m ok with it

Haven’t had them all, but my take is this:

  • Strawberry Daiquiri possibly best pre workout flavor ever
  • SourPatch Redberry not too far behind
  • The SOUR WARHEADS flavors definitely live up to their names
  • Grapefruit is possibly the WORST tasting pre workout I’ve ever had, because it too lives up to its name and I think grapefruit is awful. I don’t see how people enjoy those things

Just did my review on this, gotta get it uploaded. Very wow. In the review I blindly taste it against real Welch’s, it’s crazy to say, but I think it’s better due to thinner mouthfeel and me liking sucralose more than sugar or fructose anymore

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