Maximum Shred SCAM – $87 Product with $4 of Ingredients

One thing most of us know and love about the supplement industry is that it’s generally policed by the consumer base and peer competitors. Most shady behavior is called out on various levels: social media, bad reviews, class action lawsuits, or, if the situation is bad enough, the FTC or …
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Complete scam. Was on the phone trying to cancel and return my UNOPENED and UNUSED items. The automated machine is frustrating and when they finally give you an RMA number, they say the number really fast. Once I got to a live person, she kept reading a script over and over trying to get me to stay. BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY. Cancelled my credit card just to be safe.

Thanks for the article and saving consumers from fraud!

You're welcome!

Broooooo!!! Thanks for the "best guess" formula. Gonna have to get more education on supplements. Thanks for all of the links on supps and capsules!! Huge help in getting myself the best price on everything!!

Complete scam and felt sick after taking this not buy this product waste of money. I cancelled my credit card because they would not refund.