Matt's FullBlitz and VasoBlitz Review

Matt's FullBlitz and VasoBlitz Review

Let me start by saying I personally know Matt Coleman. He lives about 30min from me and we have had coffee to discuss Build Fast Formula. The guy knows his stuff after years in the business. When the company first launched VasoBlitz, I initially thought that coming to market with only a “pump” sku would not be enough. I have since been proven dead wrong.

Rank for Pump Products:
VasoBlitz was my #2 ranked pump sku because of the nitrates. Ghost Pump was #1 for me due to the addition of GlycerPump. Ironically, because I’m not in contest prep, I don’t see as great of benefits from any form of glycerol. When I’m super lean and depleted, it makes a substantial difference. All that to say, VasoBlitz is my #1 Pump choice due to cost.

So, I have clearly taken and enjoyed the VasoBlitz sku. Recently, Matt and @TheSolution sent me some VasoBlitz AND FullBlitz. I was impressed with the FullBlitz label but thought the yohimbine would make me feel a little too ancy. I don’t respond super well to it. However, per Bob’s recommendation, I single-scooped FullBlitz and threw in a single scoop of VasoBlitz. Best of both worlds for lower stim guys like me.

The workouts I have with this combo are better than I expected them to be. Much better. The stamina and energy were incredible, without feeling cracked out. I love pumps more than anything - so the nitrates just give me a pschological advantage, because I feel as if the workout is more successful based on how well I can feel and see the muscle contracting. Being closer to the 14% bodyfat range - it’s getting harder to see those. Haha.

I can’t tolerate a bunch of caffeine or stims at once. However, I can space them out throughout the day and handle a heavy load. The single scoop of FullBlitz provided excellent mental focus with substantial “amp” effect to psych me out. Overall, FullBlitz is a great one-stop shop type of pre. I would recommend it to anyone who can handle yohimbine at all. Two scoops would not be my recommendation for average guys - because we all know the dangers of overstiming ourselves with these products over a long period of time.

I received Rainbow Candy. I know people say it tastes like Skittles, but I don’t get that vibe. Adding it with 10oz of water gave me a watered down fruit flavor. Was it bad? Heck no - but it wasn’t like chewing on some Skittles. Maybe Smarties would be a more preferable analogy for me…

Mixing pres is something I commonly do, so I’m always just expecting some fruity cocktail. Generally I enjoy the sour element, which is why Ghost Pump takes the cake in the flavor department - but honestly, who cares about flavor compared to the pre workout effect a product actually gives.

Overall Thoughts:
If you want to try a cost-effective pre with sold energy, focus, and pump, then the FullBlitz and VasoBlitz stack should rank high on your list. I love the economic value it offers for the average guy. BuildFast won’t nickle and dime you for a few servings.
Because yohimbine isn’t my favorite, I won’t rank FullBlitz in my top pres, but I can easily see how it would be a top three option for anyone who does handle a mild amount of stimulants and yohimbine. VasoBlitz is a must add for any pump seeker who wants a good value!

You can check out my initial thoughts on VasoBlitz on this video from a year ago:


Detail at its finest
Appreciate your write up Matt!


Wayyy too much water Matt, I made the same mistake. Flavor is better with 6oz

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Lesson learned. My issue (one of the many) is that I prefer more liquid with pres, intras, and protein shakes. I’m weird, in the sense that I prefer a bigger drink to help me feel fuller. It’s odd but I am who I am.


I’m with you. When not reviewing for flavor, I use full shakers for everything. With how strongly most products are flavored, extra water helps extend the enjoyment of the drink…plus it helps get my water intake up.

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I am with Matt though I usually use more water then needed.
Almost all the people who try vaso/fullblitz find 6oz to be the sweet spot.

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This is a big reason why Xtend is my protein of choice. Flavor is top 3 for me, but the water recommendation is much higher (10-12oz for a single scoop).

I love Ghost, but using the 5-7oz recommendation is the only way to get the right flavor…and sadly it’s gone after 2-3 gulps.


Good review @Matt_Towson. It may sound overly simplified, but I use more water for hydration purposes. 20oz with pre…16-20 Intra. 12-16 post typically.


Damn, this is actually a great point and should be part of reviews.


There is no Alpha Y in FULLBLITZ. There is YHCL in FULLBLITZ


Of course - not sure why I put alpha. Late night review. Changed!

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