Matt's C4 Dynasty Review

Matt's C4 Dynasty Review

my point in being a shock is not “wow! this has never been done before”

It’s that the industry is changing. People said legacy companies would never drop prop blends, would never dose high. I traveled to damn near every state and spoke in front of 70% of GNC as well as probably 30% of vitamin shoppe promoting transparency and quality.

Hands are being forced. And I’m happy to see it, even if this is just the start and Dynasty is not that crazy.

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Not sure how we can say Ghost and KM aren’t Mainstream, since they line the shelves at GNC…

I didn’t say ghost is, they definitely are.

Ask your normal 18 year old gym go-er who kaged muscle is, that’s my test of mainstream.

KM is also at Vitamin Shoppe

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Never said they weren’t, but I guarantee you more people know what C4 is than Ghost

the one with the “Explosive Energy Blend”?

transparency does not matter in the mainstream, nearly as much as it does in this bubble here.

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so this is a shock to see them valuing transparency, patented ingredients, and high doses…

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I think we can agree that this ‘shock’ is a pleasant problem for us elite educated consumers.


Blood in the water, my god. Let’s not all be too hard on @Extrabeef for his poorly represented point. But I do agree with him that with this C4U and this, they’re trending in the right direction VS going the BPI route

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I come from a smaller brand that did the right thing and made the right noise, so i understand the feelings towards Cellucor and the want for their Dynasty to not be regarded as a ‘shock’ (Should I have picked a better word? why does this bother everyone so much?)

But getting out of that bubble, seeing the big picture, seeing the NUMBERS at these brands, it makes it very clear how much of a different tier legacy companies are in. And when you can introduce transparency, and some level of…let’s say ‘competitive efficacy’ (and I use that phrase lightly since I think the 30g was a target and it could’ve been done better at less) at that tier…it’s a shock. shrugs


BPI = Innovative


But they use ogliopeptides!!!

According to their main rep The Fugitive
It is all about the “Mouthfeel”
who cares about underdosed prop blends.

ask them for a COA or 3rd party test. You will get crickets in return.

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I understand your saying and think there’s definitely validity to it. I think the “shock” word just got stuck to the label and not the overall point you were trying to make

i dont miss that board

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Yeah, they can keep the BA, Creatine, and lower the caffeine to 300. Then replace with more pump support and they would have had a better product even if the total serving size was a few grams smaller.

Actually, I don’t really mind Creatine in a pre because I take everyday anyhow and a bit more around the workout can’t hurt. But the BA is a total waste if you’re not taking everyday, which I don’t. I did for a while but didn’t notice any difference like I do with Creatine. Do any of you guys actually take BA everyday?

Anyhow, since the bar has been raised. Give the other mainstream big player 6-12 months to keep up. Introducing the all new triple octane MuscleTech Vapor666 in delicious and refresing Devil Water flavor, LMFAO…