Matt’s Xtend Pro Review

Per popular demand… at least per a few requests, I present my review for Xtend Pro.

Let’s start with an overall rundown. Xtend Pro is the first go at a protein powder by Xtend. Not only is this a high quality whey isolate, it is naturally flavored! This fact alone may disturb the “flavor chasers” but the product still tastes good. Don’t fear.

The overall profile is excellent as well, with 7g of BCAAs and only protein isolate. Each flavor averages 120 calories, 3-4g of carbs, 1g of fat, and 25g of protein.

As with most Nutrabolt proteins, there is Guar Gum and Xanthan Gum to add thickness and texture. I appreciate these additions as it adds a creaminess element, which I prefer from a milkshake-like product. Might as well enjoy the shake, if you’re going to drink it!

Worthy of note, most pure isolates will be thinner in consistency, so the gums help combat that.

Cookie Butter:

The flavor everyone wants to try has big shoes to fill, with a name like Cookie Butter. Let me tell you, it is not as good as a spoonful of cookie butter (no protein is). However, I really enjoyed this flavor. Cookie Butter is a hybrid flavor that can’t be pinned as either a “peanut butter” or “spiced” flavor. It truly has both components. It’s the first of its kind and I enjoyed the experience. I have one every other day and utilize a chocolate flavor on the other days.

This is the least sweet of the flavors, in my opinion. The peanut flour adds a rich element of thickness and the added scent of peanut. If you are chasing a super sweet flavor, add a packet of Stevia. If you are BOLD like me, blend 6oz of almond/cashew milk with a few ice cubes, a scoop of this, AND 1 tspn of COOKIE BUTTER… the result is divine (see below).

As mentioned, the Gum ingredients increase the thickness (but not too much). This makes the product very enjoyable to drink! If you under-dose the water, you will have a super thick shake. Stick to the 8-10oz recommendation.


Vanilla is never my favorite, for any flavor. I feel like I needed to disclose that so you guys don’t think this flavor is less-tasty than the others.

The vanilla has a very strong vanilla aroma, which I really enjoy. There is no artificial scent to any of these flavors. As far as the taste is concerned, this tastes like a very good vanilla isolate.

The vanilla is prevalent and rich, rather than being weak and watered down. Melted ice cream might not be a good example, but to say this tastes like the Sugar Free Blue Bell Vanilla ice cream is fair. For what it’s worth - I really like that flavor!

Chocolate Lava Cake:

How many times have you seen chocolate cake on the label for a chocolate protein, only to be let down by the way it tastes? I saved this one for last because it BLEW my mind! I love rich chocolate flavored protein (or just rich chocolate for that matter). It seems most companies trend toward the milk chocolate variety of flavoring. When someone takes a whack at a bold cocoa infusion, I am all about it!

Look at the photo and you can see this is a rich chocolate color. The scent is ever better. It smells like a rich chocolate cake! An appetizing smell generally equates to a more pleasant protein taste and that is exactly the case here.

Now, some have said this tastes like the Molten Mini-Cakes that Dominos has, or the Molten Chocolate Cake at Chilis. While it was close, that wasn’t the first impression I got. I knew I had tasted this flavor somewhere, but for the life of me I couldn’t remember (one of the reasons I delayed this review, was to give myself time to figure it out!).

It hit me the other day. My wife and I braved the sleet in DFW last week to get some Fuel City Tacos. While there, there was a Hot Cocoa stand which we happily treated ourselves to. Right after the first sip, it hit me. This Molten Cake flavor tastes EXACTLY like this cocoa! The only difference is the temperature.

It tastes excellent cold but I even heated some almond milk to make “protein” hot cocoa with this flavor. Sure enough, it was right on the money.

This is my new favorite chocolate protein! A close second would be Adaptogn’s chocolate or Kaged Muscle MicroPure Chocolate.


Sorry for the ramble, but I felt obligated to give you guys a story! I’m very impressed with Xtend Pro. My advise is to try the Cookie Butter because it so incredibly unique, and definitely buy the Chocolate Lava Cake, because it’s insanely tasty and rich!


Great review. I tried the vanilla and cookie butter, but found neither was for me. The spice in the cookie butter was a little too weird for me. I liked adaptogens cookie butter better. Also the vanilla was super sweet, which I did like, but I didn’t like the back end taste it left in my mouth. I’m guessing it’s from the ace k. That chocolate does sound good though. Any after taste with that one?

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Great review Matt! That Cookie Butter is legit!