Matt’s BEAM Review

This is much overdue. Apologies @TheSolution - here is my thoughts on the BEAM Protein I received from Bob.

To be candid - the samples were so good, I had to buy a full tub.

I won’t delve into the nutrition components, as this is a fairy competitive for a whey isolate. The product is marked as a whey protein product, but the ingredients label shows only whey isolate used as the protein sources - so that’s a plus for me.

When you first open the sample or tub, you get hit with a strong peanut butter scent. I think I’ve made it clear that peanut butter flavored proteins are my personal favorite, so this was a great one to try.

This is arguably my favorite whey protein flavor. The peanut butter whey has a beautiful balance of sweet, creamy, and salty components. The taste hits you with some different flavor profiles and makes for a great experience. Definitely my new favorite peanut butter flavored whey. (Sorry Ghost and Xtend).

I used it for some proats - beware, being primarily isolate, it doesn’t have the thickness that a blended protein may have (example - I’ll still use Ghost PBCM for Proats, due to the thick consistency).

For a straight protein shake, however, you can’t beat this flavor.

This is in a close tie for my favorite protein product, tied with Xtend Pro.

Thanks for the sample, Bob. BEAM will get more business from me, as I shoot to try some other flavors.


BIG Statements in here.
Appreciate the honest feedback Matt.

If anyone is interested in FREE BEAM samples:
Grab any 4 samples off the webpage (Iso, Vegan or Pre)



If you want full size product:
Coupon: Bob20

Damn, consider me sold. I had no major interest in this brand, but i just picked up the sample packs, 2 of Whey and 2 of their PWO. Bob, I’ll use your code and link if I go for a full purchase.


Let me know what you think. I appreciate all honest feedback, and if you can post a review that would be epic. Thanks again for your support. Once people try the Salty PB Whey or the Vegan Blueberry they see just how well the team can flavor. The watermelon pre is very close to a jolly rancher (think the OG Xtend in the black tubs).


It is really good…

Mix it with your oatmeal as well. @Matt_Towson description was very accurate.

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Update: Got and trialed my samples.

My first whey sample was phenomenal, Matt’s right, far and above the best PB protein I’ve had. The second sample, which I saved to try with my girl who’s extremely picky about whey flavors, I let her taste it first and she said it had a strong aftertaste, and when I tried it, I agreed, super powerful sucralose aftertaste, like when you get too much Splenda in your coffee. Bummed out she didn’t get to try the first one. Still probably gonna pick some up and hope it’s more like my first sample.

The pre- was OK. First time I’ve had BA in months and hit me hard lmao

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The Salty PB Whey is a keeper. People absolutely love it


Glad you had a good experience with one.

I bought the chocolate flavor as well. Great chocolate (I still prefer Xtend Pro), but it’s a close second.

Salty PB is my goat right now. I wish Mo ability was better, as BEAM does clump a bit.

Never had any issues with it clumping. Then again I mostly use protein for sludge and not shakes.
I also bake with it daily, and they come out fantastic

I get that - no issues when I make sludge and add it to my oats.

Only issue is mixing with water. Blender ball seems to fix the issue.

I had no issues when I reviewed both flavors in a shaker and 6-8oz of liquid.
Mixing with water… Bruh. We gotta work on that :slight_smile: Almond Milk/Cashew milk for such little calories goes a long way!

I’d recommend the Core Nutrition Blender bottle to help Crush the clumps

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You “crushed” that punchline…

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